I know Apple laptops may not win the competition as the most popular laptop in the world perhaps because Windows powered laptops appears to be dominating the scene. However, Apple has also got something you can buy for the swag of it. If you happen to be contemplating what reliable Apple notebook to buy, such that can guarantee an excellent performance then you should consider the MacBook Pro. This 15-inch MacBook Pro is a force to be considered with those who demand a big and beautiful display along with gobs of power. It is attractive in nature and has a responsive touch pad and long lasting battery. Can you beat that?

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When my review copy arrived my table and I unboxed it It was an amazing feeling to find that the MacBook Pro looks more premium than what you see on the screen. The MacBook Pro has a very Gorgeous display and it features the same silvery-aluminium finish in the same slender body adorned by the same white Apple logo on its cover At 0.71 x 14.13 x 9.73 inches and 4.46 pounds, the latest 15-inch MacBook is the same size and weight as its immediate predecessor.

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The MacBook Pro has more than enough strength to satisfy your basic PC needs. Featuring a 2.2-GHz Intel Core i7 along with Intel’s Turbo Boost technology which lets that Core i7 run faster by upping the clock speed, the MacBook Pro didn’t break a sweat when I opened about 12 tabs in Google Chrome. However, the graphics is not that strong as that of other laptops in its category.

THE PRICE Starting at N369.000 I think Apple is asking too much for this notebook though it comes in varying configurations and so also varies the price.

Where To Buy Apple MacBook

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