Alright guys, you recall that Apple released its new version of the iOS operating system – iOS 9 last year and the Internet and Apple fans rejoiced. Sadly though, we were quick to figure out some annoying bugs on the iOS 9. Such bugs included an annoying night mode feature, a nagging battery indicator and some security lapses with the Note app. Well the main gist is that Apple has now released iOS 9.2.1 which doesn’t particularly offer any new features but is aimed at fixing the bugs mentioned above.

iOS 9.2.1 update

But what annoys me now is that Apple didn’t fix the nagging battery indicator and the update is just on selected device. Lol. Anyway, to check and probably grab the update, one can head to Settings > General > Software Update and install the new iOS 9.2.1.

An important fix added to this update that prevented app installing using MDM server. However, Apple hasn’t released a fix for the nagging battery life indicator on the recently launched iPhone 6s and 6s Plus models. The company commented that the battery life indicator will actually indicate a higher percentage (or remains at certain percentage) when the actual percentage of the charge is much lower.

Another interesting new feature is security for the Notes app, that is now available in the form of a password or fingerprint. Notes can now be sorted by date modified, date created or even alphabetically if needed.

So which way folks? Are you getting the update?



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