Smiles…. Yea you might be wondering why am smiling. I feel so excited about this and I believe you are doing same right now. Am here to guide you through the steps in obtaining Dubai visa in Nigeria, a lot of you will love to travel to Dubai for vacation, business, shopping and lots more, and that’s the reason for this post.

So before I lay out the step by step process of obtaining the Dubai Visa permit me to introduce to you Dubai!

How To Apply for Dubai Visa In Nigeria

Dubai is one of the largest and populated city and this enormous city is found in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It has charming and interesting history incorporated with their large-scale heritage that offers visitors a challenging glimpse into the Arabian culture. Another amazing fact of this city is that their economy is based on banking, development of economic activities such as healthcare services, media, technology etc. and not forgetting tourism.

I guess you’re beginning to see why people love migrating to Dubai.

Welcome back to the main plan for the day. There is a lot you’ve got to know prior the Dubai visa application, you just have to bear the pain and stress then gain lots of varieties! Unlike other countries, Dubai has facilitated the procedures involved in obtaining their visa requirement and application. You will need to apply at the Dubai Visa Application Centre in Lagos or online, either of them can work out but I will advise you to get into a visa application center.

One very important information is for you to check your eligibility before beginning the application process. Once you have your visa, all that’s left to do is for you to get your bags ready!

Steps To Getting A Dubai Visa

1. Complete your application form

Download the Dubai visa application form online. Complete the form carefully, and provide accurate information. Don’t forget to attach the right dimensions of the required passport photos (4.3cm x 5.5cm) and they must be set on a white background.

Note: any incomplete application document will not be accepted.

2. Get Ready the Needed Documents

  • An original international passport valid for more than 6 months (you cannot apply with a visa that is less than 6 months old)
  • Passport copies: Photo page and Bio page (both must be done in color), profession page, expiry page, and any other special endorsement page.
  • A colored passport photograph with your full name and passport number written on its reverse side
  • Visa application form which has to be filled by the applicant.
  • Proof of health insurance.
  • Proof of financial status — a copy of your recent bank statement.
  • For tourists: A letter from your employer, stating that you have been granted leave and that you will be returning to your job when you get back. If you are self-employed, then you will have to add a copy of your business registration and tax documents.
  • For visitors visiting a relative or friend, you are meant to provide a letter of invitation from your host. And this letter must bear the following: the contact information of your host, address, signature, and date; a copy of their UAE passport information page or residence permit.
  • Emirates Airline confirmed ticket.

Once all the above-mentioned requirements are met, here is the next stage.

3. Submit YourForm

After filling up and getting you’re the required documents set, the next step is to visit a Dubai visa application center with your documents, form, and other requirements.

The center is located at Block 94, plot 23, Providence Street, Lekki — Epe Expressway, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.

You’re advised to go along with the demanded papers to the center in addition to the required documents listed above.

Note: The submission of your Dubai visa applications are accepted at the center between 8.00am and 3.00 pm in 5 working days.

4. Choose your Preferred Visa Type

Below are the different types of visa for Dubai

  • Tourist visa (valid for 30 days)
  • 14 days visa (valid for 2 weeks)
  • 96 hours visa (valid for 4 days)

Choose wisely, cos it’s based on your planned time frame for your travel and stay in Dubai. And here are the cost of each one of them:

* The tourist visa (30 days visa) costs $82 equivalent in naira (#29.700)

* 14 days visa costs $110 equivalent in naira (#39.900).

* Lastly the 96 hours visa costs $69 equivalent in naira (#25.000).

5. Track Your Application

After which you have submitted your visa application, give a space of 3-4 working days for your visa to be processed.

I hope you did find this guide on applying for a Dubai Visa quite helpful. Do let me know what you think and leave your questions in the comment section.

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