Over the years, being verified on Instagram has been a symbol of importance, people use it to associate a certain level of class to others. This was due to the fact that Instagram verification requirements were kept in the dark and only celebrities were being verified.

Many people developed their own theories concerning Instagram verification. With the existence of these theories, people still found it difficult to have their Instagram accounts verified. This was due to the fact that most of those theories are actually very wrong.

verified instagram

Occasionally we get to see top celebrity Instagram accounts being verified, this made lots of people come to the conclusion that the blue tick verification badge only belonged to celebrities and important people in the society. This assumption was partly correct, owing to the fact that the whole idea behind Instagram verification to distinguish real Instagram account from fake ones.

Since the main aim behind Instagram account verification is to distinguish fake Instagram account from fake ones, it means everyone should be verified to prevent scammers from using their names and photos for a scam. It is for this reason that Instagram has decided to make the verification process a bit transparent, giving all Instagram users the privilege of being able to apply for Instagram verification.

Instagram has developed a scheme that allows all Instagram users to fill a form in a request to being verified and have the blue tick badge beside their handle names. This article contains tutorials on how to apply for Instagram verification, to stand a chance of being verified on Instagram and having the verified badge beside your Instagram username.

Steps To Applying For Instagram Verification

  1. Open your Instagram App and login using your username and password

2. Click the menu button represented by three horizontal buttons and click on settings

3. Scroll down till you find request verification

4. Click on request verification and fill the required fields with the right information

After you have submitted your request, you will have to wait for an unknown period of time for Instagram to process your request.

You asked for it and its here, so you are at liberty to apply to get verified on Instagram if you feel need to secure your account from potential scams.


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