We all adore sneakers but we do not really like the stress that comes with purchasing one. These days though, things are easy because there are sites and applications that make you access these sneakers easily and quickly. Kudos to Nike and Adidas for also turning to technology to sell them. See what I am trying to say in our list of Best Apps For Buying Sneakers:

1. StockX

Apps For Buying Sneakers This app was launched 4 years ago and it is a sneaker-reselling platform that provides streetwear, luxury watches, handbags and so on. It possesses a very good authentication system and it can be accessed on your iPhone and Android device. If you wish to spend proper money on sneakers, you always want to avoid a fake product, and this app helps you stay away from them too. StockX has humans that inspect all shoes that are sold and sent to buyers, so you do not get ripped off with this app. A seller just has to post a shoe and buyers that fancy it will place their bid to own it.


Apps For Buying Sneakers This is identical to StockX. It can be used on the web, iOS, and Android. The difference between both apps is that GOAT will allow you to purchase used sneakers and StockX sells only brand new shoes.

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This app will also authenticate the shoes before they get to you. GOAT says it will take about 10 business days for orders to be wrapped up so we want to believe that is truly the case. There is also an “Instant Ship” feature that will display pairs that have already gone through authentication and can be shipped immediately after your order.

3. Sneaker Con

Apps For Buying Sneakers This brand is popular for its shoe conventions all across the globe, but last year, the company unveiled an application developed to compete with StockX and GOAT. It is also available on the web, iOS, and Android.

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It provides both brand-new and fairly used kicks. It is unique for its better authentication system than its rivals. Anytime you buy a pair of sneakers from the app, you will receive a physical tag that features NFC.

4. eBay

Apps For Buying Sneakers This platform is popular already as a well known online marketplace. You know how it works already, you can purchase sneakers directly from an independent seller. The ordering process is definitely faster than StockX or GOAT, but there are risks too.

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One of which is the fact that eBay has no authentication service for sneakers, so you will only be trusting what you buy. To have complete trust in what you order for, you need to order from top-rated sellers. If you see not so good reviews or it is an account that rarely sells anything, stay away.

There you have it – a comprehensive list of best apps for buying sneakers. If you have other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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