It’s 12th June 2014 and everyone is happily ready to end the long four years they’ve patiently waited for this action. If you do not know what I’m talking about, then you probably just came in from space today. It’s the FIFA World Cup 2014 which kicks off today from the land where football is more than a religion, Brazil.

I decided to compile a list of the best 4 android and iOS apps that would have you covered from the start to finish of this 20th quadrennial activity.  Here they are below.

1. FIFA Official App

fifa app for android and ios

No long stories about this. FIFA claims that their official App is the ultimate companion for this year’s world cup in Brazil. The app for sure unlocks all the exclusive coverage from the planet’s biggest single-sporting event. With the official FIFA World Cup App, you can take the World Cup with you everywhere you go. The FIFA official mobile App is available for both Android and iOS.

2. ESPN FC Soccer & World Cup App

espn app for android and ios

After the recent redesign of the ESPN app, you can set your favorite team or teams that will help the app offer curated news on your teams and their performance in the competition. On their android play-store page, it’s clearly stated that with the ESPN app, breaking news and analysis are a click away.

3. SecondMIC App

secondmic app for ios

I actually love this app because it allows celebrities, former players, coaches, experts or other similar fans as you to stream their own commentaries over a live match. You just get a different point of view from big names in the industry instead of listening to the boring TV commentaries. One thing I find uninteresting about this app is that I could only get it on iTunes for iOS

4. BBC Sport App

bbc sport app for android and ios

The BBC Sport App now includes a section for the Brazil 2014 FIFA world cup where you can set match alerts for your teams, including line-ups, kick-off, goals and half-time score and result. You definitely would love to have this app installed on your smartphone

Yeah, that’s it! Let’s get the action started as the FIFA world cup 2014 begins today. I’ve got all these apps on my smartphones, so what are you waiting for? Let me know other interesting apps you find using the comment section. Thanks! 😉


  1. thanks for this applications…very happy i would start getting notifications of world cup matches from my Android smartphone.

  2. Hi Oscar
    that’s a nice one i have to admit whenever i visit ur blog, i open up to 4 tabs to read what you have posted, nice post but you forgot Supersport app for Android & iOS

  3. Non-public coin traders typically use Paypal and the Fifa web
    software to transfer funds using players.


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