APPSTAR, a mobile application development platform was launched on Thursday 6th October, 2016. The platform will enable users to design and create mobile applications without any prior programming knowledge. Not only will APPSTAR help you in creating app, it also would aid in making available for download your apps on several app stores on the internet.

Created to empower a new generation of app designers in Nigeria, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) will now have the opportunity to reach their target customers and clients using mobile technology. This they can do by having their own mobile applications which allows their target customers/clients to view their offerings and propositions from anywhere and on any device.

Adesanya and the AppStar Team

2nd from left is our Adesanya Gbadamosi and the AppStar Team

Some interesting features APPSTAR has to offer include Cloud Hosting, Social Network and Gaming integration, Push Notifications, RSS Feed integration, Photo and Video Galleries as well as having an unlimited number of custom pages to be used in creating a mobile application.

The platform also offers training opportunities for its users through the AppStar Academy. The Academy offers both online and blended learning courses in various aspects of mobile, digital and social marketing, as well as app development and design. Courses will be delivered by an international faculty based out of the UK working with local affiliates in interested cities across the world.

AppStar is a representation of AppStar UK in Nigeria. It is currently run by ADVANTAGE, an agency holding and investment company established to invest and develop a broad range of properties, platforms and ventures in the marketing and communications services, media, education and entertainment space.



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