Disney Plus is a streaming service that was launched late in 2019.  Although the movie streaming website started with low enthusiasm from consumers, it has picked up. Presently, Disney Plus boasts of more than 100 million active users as of 2021.

It hosts a lot of quality content which includes movies and TV shows. Content from its parent company, Disney, Marvel, and National Geographic, has driven a large number of customers to Disney Plus. The chief streaming service also hosts exclusive movies and TV shows like Hamilton, Mulan, Black Beauty, and so on.

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Everyone that subscribes to a service wants to enjoy the amenity to the fullest. Below, you’ll get the best hacks to implement so you can get the best out of your Disney Plus subscription.

Top Disney Plus Hacks for Improved Streaming

  1. Access Movies in a Particular Sub-genre

Movie watchers tend to stick to a particular genre or subgenre. For instance, some people can binge-watch horror movies all day long. Others prefer to watch movies that feature a particular actor as the protagonist.

When using Disney Plus, you might assume the range of quality content is featured on your home screen. You can get a lot more interesting stuff to watch once you properly explore Disney’s service. There are lots of categories arranged chronologically and those that feature specific shows about a superhero like Spider-Man.

To utilize this feature, open the ‘Explore’ feature on your account. You’ll be able to watch different collections tailor-made for you.

  1. Save Movies to a Playlist

Have you ever bookmarked a movie mentally and forgotten the title later? Disney Plus contains a feature that doesn’t require you to write down or remember titles.

The moment you spot a TV show or movie you like, click on the plus sign near the film’s thumbnail. You’ll get the option to save it to a playlist. Once you want to check all your saved movies, hover to the toolbar in your account and select your watchlist.

  1. Watch Disney Plus with a VPN

Disney Plus is accessible for viewership in a limited number of nations. Thus, if you’re a Disney fan, and you live in one of the 30 countries the service is not available in, you’ll be prevented from viewing all the exciting content. Frequent travelers that pay for Disney Plus cannot utilize the service once they’re in a geo-blocked region.

This is where a VPN comes in. A Virtual Private Network which is majorly used for operational privacy and security can be employed to mask your whereabouts. It does this by routing web traffic via a server of your choice. When you stream Disney Plus with a VPN, you’d be able to enjoy the service from any place in the world.

You’d also be able to get the library of your choice, depending on which server you connect to. The US library contains the full content available while the service hides the content from subscribers in other nations.

  1. Create Separate Profiles

To save money, you might be sharing your Disney Plus subscription with a friend. However, your friend might watch a different type of content that would influence your movie recommendations.

To prevent this occurrence, you can create multiple profiles on the same account. You can also create a kid’s profile for your child so only appropriate content will be shown.

  1. Modify your Subtitles

Depending on what type of movie-watcher you are, you might prefer watching your content with subtitles on. Unlike several other streaming services, you can modify the appearance of subtitles on Disney Plus.

Click on the ‘Settings’ symbol and select the ‘Subtitles Styling’ option. You can change the font, color, text size, and so on.


Because of Disney Plus’s exclusive content, several users are streaming to the service. However, many individuals have no idea how to maximize the full utility that Disney Plus offers.

You can create a different profile, save shows to a playlist, check movies in a particular genre, and employ VPNs to view Disney Plus from a geo-restricted nation.


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