When you are flying to Montreal for a trip, you need to make sure that you are prepared. This city is a little different from some of the others in Canada and this means that you’ll want to know more about it. Of course, you’ll find out plenty about Montreal when you get there but it doesn’t hurt to have some extra information to make sure that your trip is a success.

Things to Know Before Heading to Montreal Canada

In this article, we are going to give you some information on things that you should know before you travel to Montreal. This will be everything from the festivals that will be on when you are there to what they call convenience stores. Keep reading to find out more.

Where To Fly To

If you are planning on taking a trip to Montreal then you should consider the airport that you are going to fly into. The most popular airport in Montreal is the Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport which has the code YUL. This airport is only around 20 km from downtown Montreal making it perfect for your trip.

Flights to Montreal are easy to come by and there are plenty of airlines that you can choose from. We recommend Porter Airlines as they have some great flights which you can view here: https://www.flyporter.com/en-ca/book-flights/where-we-fly/canada/montreal. Once you have booked your flight, you will have one less thing to worry about for your trip to Montreal.

People Speak French

If you have never been to Montreal before then you might not be aware of the large portion of the population that speak French as their first language. This is something that you should know before you go as you’ll want to make sure that you can get around okay. The good news is that most of the population will also speak English and signs will be easy to follow. Over 59% of residents are bilingual so you don’t need to worry about this.

If you are travelling to Montreal soon, however, it doesn’t hurt to pick up some French. This way, you won’t have to ask people to speak in their second language and you’ll learn something new at the same time. You can find plenty of apps that will teach you some basic French phrases if you have never learnt it before in school. Some people have a basic understanding of French so use it if you can when you are there.

The Subway Is The Metro

When you are getting around Montreal you might want to use the subway. Of course, this might be quite tricky to find as it won’t be called the Subway. In Montreal, the subway is called the metro and it is officially called the STM. When you are looking out for this transport system, you should look out for the metro signs which are blue with white arrows.

Something that you should know about this is that some of the locals will refer to the metro when they are getting the bus or the subway. This usually depends on the context and so it might be useful to ask a further question if you are asking for directions.

You Can Drink At 18

If you are travelling from the US to Montreal then you will find that the drinking age will be different. In the USA, you are legally allowed to drink from the age of 21, in Montreal, this age is lowered to 18. Interestingly, in many other Canadian cities, the drinking age is 19 and this is what makes Montreal stand out from the rest. Many festivals are held in this city due to this lower drinking age and it is somewhere that is frequently visited by those who are young adults.

If you are on the hunt for somewhere to have a drink, there are plenty of bars and restaurants that offer alcohol in the downtown area. Just make sure that you have your ID with you and that you are over 18 and you should be able to get involved in this kind of activity.

There Are Plenty Of Festivals

Another thing that you should know about Montreal is that there are many festivals that you can attend. Whether you are on the hunt for a music festival, a cultural festival or a food festival there will be something for everyone. Most of the events will happen in the summer but there are some kinds of festivals throughout the winter months as well.

If you are hoping to avoid festivals in order to have a quieter trip to Montreal, you might want to check out some of the dates of these online before you go. Most festivals will have their own websites to help with this. Take a look and see which festivals are on when you are planning your trip to Montreal in the coming year.

Convenience Stores Are Called Deps

In Montreal, you’ll find that your convenience stores will be known as something a little different. In this city, the convenience stores are known as a ‘dep’. This is a word that is short for depanneur which is a French word. This is because of the French influence in this city and the fact that a lot of the population speak this language.

There are plenty of dep stores around Montreal that will help you to find what you need. Know that you know the lingo, you can make sure that you are not getting confused when talking with the locals.

The Weather Can Change A lot

The final thing that we think you should know before you head to Montreal is that the seasons can be very different and sometimes even hard to deal with. If you are not used to a harsh winter then you might want to avoid going to this city in January or February. There will likely be a lot of snow and it will be hard to get around but the locals do try to put on some events to keep everyone busy.

In the summer, the weather will be much more pleasant and so this might be a better time for those who are planning on heading to Montreal. You can find information on how the weather changes throughout the year online so make sure to have a look before booking your trip.

Book It Today

Now that you know a little more about what it is like to live in Montreal and to visit there, you can go ahead with booking your trip. Make sure that you fly into the right airport and that you know how to get to your hotel when you get there. You should also try to learn a bit of French before you go to make things easier. This is simple to do so don’t forget to give it a try in the weeks leading up to your trip.

Montreal is a great city and you’ll love it if you find the time to go. It has some quirks and it has plenty to do for all ages. Make sure to book your trip to Montreal and you will not regret it!


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