I’ve been using a subdomain on my blog for a long time till i found out it’s disadvantages, well i won’t say i’m regreting because without this free platform i wouldn’t have been where i am now, most newbies start blogging with free blogging platforms, by so doing their domain names are not unique “subdomain” e.g. url.hostsiteurl.com, though most people goto get their custom domain name when they start seing blogging as a career.

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For those of you who don’t think it’s important getting a custom domain name for your blog i’ll show you some reasons why it’s necessary you do so.

Rememberance :
If for instance you were told of two different domain names “http://flowingtech.blogspot.com” and “http://oscarmini.com” Which on the above stated domain names will you be able quickly remember. I guess you will remember the [dot] com quickly compared to the subdomain name.

Safety :
This is one very big disadvantage of the blogger blogging platform, Blogger deletes blogs that goes against their rules although atimes some blogs are deleted unknowingly, but it’s very rare, if you fall victim of these with your custom domain name you can easly create a new blog with thesame domain name within hours and get all your traffic back.
Though there is gonna be a problem if you didn’t backup your blog posts, but if your blog posts are backedup, you’re good to go.

Search Engine Ranking :
You should check for yourself, 99 percent of authority blogs and blogs ranking in search engines use a custom domain name.
I bought my custom domain name when my subdomain was PR1, now i bought my custom domain name which was now N/A, my alexa ranking also went very backward though my subdomain was still ranking in it’s position, these was really discouraging, this is one reason why it’s neccessary you start with a custom domain name. If i had started with a custom domain name i guess the PR1 would have been for it.

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Monetization :
The sole aim of every blogger is to make some revenues from their efforts, you might be thinking of how a custom domain name can affect the monetization of your blog, Well i’ll just tell you the truth. Many Big Advertising-Publishing Companies don’t accept blogs with subdomain, one tipical example of such advertising-publishing company is “buysellads”

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If you still use a subdomain i believe these post will propel you to get a custom domain name for your blog quickly.



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