Over these past few years, Dubai has become the number 1 destination for people who desire to make the best of their holidays. The country is rich in tourism, Dubai is a country with a lot of interesting sites, that will certainly make your holiday a memorable one. Part of these top sites is their hotels. Dubai is known for top-notch luxury hotels. Should you desire to visit Dubai, you can use the Book Hotels App and also here is a list of top best 5-star luxury hotels in Dubai.

1. Burj Al Arab

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Burj Al Arab is unarguably the most popular 5 Star hotel in Dubai, It is a destination for most affluent people when they visit Dubai. Over the years, Burj Al Arab has hosted numerous dignitaries, the magnificence of its structure has earned it its status. The Burj Al Arab hotel was designed with the form of a giant sail rising over a thousand feet in the sky. Burj Al Arab was built on a man-made Island, which is connected to the mainland by a causeway. When it comes to luxury, the Burj Al Arab is at the top of its game, with the atrium being surrounded on either side by towering golden pillars. In this hotel, you will elaborate stairways made of marble and gold, and the beds are positioned on rotating pedestals so that you can take in a 360-degree view of the city. The Burj Al Arab hotel is located 15 KMS and 25 KMS from downtown Dubai and the Airport respectively.

2. One & Only The Palm Dubai

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The One & Only The Palm Hotel is another 5-star hotel in Dubai, that features a magnificent designed. It is a top player in the luxury game. Anybody that appreciates the beauty of structures, will certainly appreciate this hotel, it is an epitome of beauty. This hotel is located in the western portion of the palm. This hotel is located in the western portion of the Dubai Palm. You can travel down to Main Dubai via taxi, which should take you around 30 minutes. This hotel features a sandstone colored palette and is designed in the Moorish and Andalusian stylings, with lots of sharp geometric patterns in the design, along with extravagant fountains, pavilions, and other similar features.  This hotel features 90 rooms and four additional villas surrounded by lush greenery.

3. Jumeirah Beach Hotel

Best 5 Star Luxury Hotels

The Jumeirah Beach hotel is a 5-star hotel, that offers luxury very close to what you get in the  Burj Al Arab Hotel. The hotel is also located very close to the Burj Al Arab hotel. Going to the Burj Al Arab hotel from the Jumeirah hotel is a 10 minutes walk. The Madi nat Jumeirah shopping mall is also sited close to this hotel. The Jumeirah Beach hotel is a 26 story resort, which was built in 1997. It was designed in the shape of breaking waves, which complements the sail shape of the Burj Al Arab hotel. This hotel features modernist aesthetics, with several amenities such as six on-site swimming pools and 21 restaurants for your delight.

4. Raffles Dubai

Best 5 Star Luxury Hotels

The Raffles Dubai hotel is located centrally in Oud Metha. You won’t be lying if you said this hotel wasn’t located in a fanciful area. Unlike the already mentioned hotels surrounded by beautiful structures, the Raffles Dubai hotel is a star in its environment, it is very difficult to miss. Close to the Raffles Dubai hotel, you can conveniently stroll to the Zayed road malls, also walk to the financial district of Dubai.

There is also a creekside park attraction close to the Raffles Dubai hotel. The airport is just 15 minutes drive away from the Raffles Dubai hotel. Despite being oddly sighted, the Raffles Dubai hotel is in a very good place to accommodate visitors who do not want to wander a lot.


Best 5 Star Luxury Hotels

Still, on the topic of best 5-star hotels in Dubai, the BVLGARI resort is yet another recommended 5-star hotel in Dubai. It is located in the manmade Jumeira Bay, an Island carved into the shape of a seahorse and adjoined by a 300 m (980 ft) bridge to central Dubai coastline, the Bvlgari Resort is a true ‘urban oasis’, for visitors and residents alike. The Bvlgari Resort was designed by Antonio Citterio Patricia Veil, an Italian architectural firm. This resort features over 101 rooms and suites, as well as Bvlgari villas with pools, garden, and sea-view.

 6. Park Hyatt Dubai

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The Park Hyatt hotel is located in the Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club, on the banks of the majestic Dubai creek. The Park Hyatt is a 5-star hotel, that features 223 rooms, including 34 suites, which offers stunning views overlooking the Dubai Creek and marina.

This hotel features award-winning dining venues, which offers the finest in western, Thai and French cuisines. Here you will find award-winning dining venues, with With floor-to-ceiling windows, wood-fired ovens and theatre kitchens.

7. Armani Hotel

best 5 star luxury hotels

The Armani hotel is yet another renowned hotel in 5 stars Dubai. Its incredible measure of luxury has earned it its name in the Dubai hotel space. The Armani hotel is located in the cultural heart of Dubai – Burj Khalifa. The Armani hotel is a boutique hotel which occupies several floors in the iconic building, it is connected to the Dubai mall. When staying in the hotel, you will be able to get a glimpse of Dubai Fountain, Dubai Opera House, and Souk Al Bahar. Staying in this hotel, you will be able to gain access to Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard, which is the prime spot for trendy cafes, restaurants, and some great luxury car watching.

8. Four Seasons DUBAI

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Four Seasons Dubai is yet another awesome 5-star hotel you should look out for when you visit Dubai. It was designed with the Luxury enthusiast in mind, if you love luxury, this hotel is for you.

This hotel captures the city’s energy and excitement in a glamorous beach resort. The Four Seasons hotel, features a palatial lobby, with floor-to-ceiling glass windows looking out onto the beautiful gardens and Arabian Gulf. In this hotel, you will find 237 spacious rooms, including 49 suites.

9. The Ritz-Carlton Dubai

best 5 star luxury hotels

Ritz-Carlton is Luxury multinational hotel located in the heart of the financial district of Dubai and is close to the Gate Village, which happens to be the sprawling and buzzing hub of Dubai’s art and cultural life, replete with a string of modern art galleries and charming restaurants. The exterior of this hotel features a limestone façade which is immediately noteworthy; meanwhile, the courtyard features waterfalls and fountain installations along with lush greenery; the lobby has an Art Deco aesthetic leaning with ornate chandeliers hanging off the ceilings.

10. Palazzo Versace Dubai

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Last but not least is the Palazzo Versace Hotel. It is a boutique hotel located near the culture village of Dubai. The Palazzo Versace is 15 minutes drive from the famous Dubai Mall. The Palazzo hotel was designed to look like a building from the 16th century. Inside this hotel, you will find chandeliers, marbled floors and countertops, and gilded columns. The rooms come in four major color palettes — salmon, beige, turquoise and blue.

There you have it – a comprehensive list of the best 5-star luxury hotels in Dubai. If you have other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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