To learn more about the world you live in, information can help you. Even for lovers of the library and educational books, the Internet is still your friend. You now have access to information and knowledge in ways you do not expect. To know more about anything, I mean anything at all, Google is also available to help you out. Now for the go-to solution on your smartphone, there are apps that can assist you to learn about things you are clueless about. These apps will improve and elevate you as a human being. Check out a few of them in our list of 5 Best Apps For Nerds, Geeks, And Information Seekers:

1. Google Goggles

Apps For NerdsThis app is home to a lot of information and it allows you to search the real world just by snapping a photo. Google Goggles makes use of a picture recognition tech to recognize objects and show you relevant search results. You could be at a new location, strolling about, snapping pictures, and it will aid you to identify anything there with apt information. It helps with language translations too. Languages like English, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian are all covered.

2. Wikipedia

Best Apps For NerdsStill, on the topic of best apps for nerds, Wikipedia is another highly recommended app. This platform is popular so you must already know how useful it is. Its app for your Android phone grants you access to over twenty million articles in 280 languages.

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Just enter the name of what or who you wish to know more about and you will have your answer. It also allows you to save articles you can read in future. If you wish to share an article with others, just tap “Share.”

3. TED

Best Apps For NerdsAre you bored? This platform can give you access to amazing talks by brilliant minds and it will cost you nothing. This app for your Android phone will aid you to keep learning about the world you live in.

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Professionals from all walks of life are in it to fascinate you with information you had no clue about. The kind of information here is centred on education, medicine, business, music, life, technology geniuses and so on.

4. Pulse News

With this app on your phone, reading news will be interesting and entertaining. It takes your preferred sites and transforms them into colorful and interactive platforms.

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All you have to do is click on an article to view a sharp, clean new story and the original site’s format. To read something in future, you can also save it for reading offline.

5. Kindle

With this app, you will have access to several free books from Amazon like Pride & Prejudice and The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. To access newer books without the stress that comes with buying them physically, just search for them on the Kindle Store, buy it and begin to read.

If you see any word you know nothing about, this app is also home to a built-in dictionary for you to check its meaning. Eyestrain will not be a cause of worry here since it lets you adjust its brightness and background color.

There you have it – a comprehensive list of Best Apps For Nerds, Geeks, And Information Seekers. If you have other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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