Your smartphone is not for social media, phone calls and movie watching alone, it can help you find a job as well. It does not matter if you graduated recently or you have been in the job market for a very long time, knowing the right steps to take on your mobile device can give you employment faster than you expect. To help you achieve that soonest, check out our list of 10 Best Apps For People Seeking Jobs:

1. LinkedIn

best apps for people seeking jobsIf you need your employers to check out a social network that showcases, LinkedIn is the right platform. Several business organizations use LinkedIn to get to their candidates better and some of them even make use of it for direct employment. It is best to own an enticing, up-to-date LinkedIn profile with a proper resume. Former bosses and co-workers endorsing you is also useful in this case, they help to reveal all that should be known about your professional identity. Get the app downloaded to keep your profile fresh and to view new messages and networking requests.

2. LinkUp

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There are several job websites and applications that can be accessed for this purpose, but LinkUp is a reputable choice. It comes in web and application form. LinkUp shares job postings straight from employer sites and does proper verification of them. Meaning, you do not waste hours and minutes going through ancient postings for jobs that are already occupied. You also do not have to start checking out spammy posts to locate the appropriate job.

3. ZipRecruiter

best apps for people seeking jobsZipRecruiter is another proper job search application that should be on your mobile device. Simply create an account and upload your updated qualifications. As soon as you have connected your qualifications to your account, you will be able to smoothly apply for possible employment without going back to your PC to attach a file to an email account. This platform aids you to come up with custom job alerts, which makes you aware when a decent posting storms the internet.

4. Resume

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The resume is the best app for anyone seeking employment but find it difficult to represent themselves on paper. Select from twenty-one resume templates and create your curriculum vitae right on your smartphone.

The application possesses sample resumes for precise jobs so you can be inspired if you are confused about where to begin. The application allows for simple rearrangement of info and lets you input details into several resumes without needing to type them again. This is great if you wish to modify your resume until you are pleased with the result. As soon as you are through, simply get the resume file exported to your email address.

5. Glassdoor

There are loads of factors to consider when you are looking for a job. The company’s way of doing things, how workers are motivated, the salary being paid and so on.

With Glassdoor, you can know what workers already working there feel about the company before you even reach the application, interview or even accepting an employment stage. This platform also has possible interview questions that current workers share to aid your preparation for your own interview.

6. Interview Question And Answer

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As regards interviews, you do not want to catch unexpected when you reach this stage. Interview Question And Answer gives you 500 sample interview questions that cover marketing, IT, finance and other job sectors. The application also caters for aptitude tests and vital tips to ready you for interview preparation like the clothes to put on and what can be done if you suddenly go blank as you attempt to reply a question.

7. Ummo

When it comes to interviews, it is normal to be nervous. Replying questions about yourself is hard and will need real practice. But this is not you rehearsing interview replies.

While practicing, make use of this application to monitor your speech patterns. Ummo was developed to aid users to enhance their public speaking skills and it is also great for monitoring the number of times you use unnecessary fillers such as “um,” “I mean,” and so on. These fillers can destroy your interview and reduce your confidence and readiness. The application also offers tips on word power and how your communication can be clear.

8. Evernote

Evernote is a useful note-taking application. It is also an amazing tool to have when any interview involving you is about to take place. As the interview remains fresh in your mind, note down the questions you intend to practice answers for before the date or jot down notes about wherever improvements are needed on your recent interview performance.

9. PersonalityMatch


Self-knowledge can aid you to dazzle in a job interview. Your knowledge, skills, and personality strengths are improved on with this app. PersonalityMatch offers you this insight and it will even advice you on the career path that fits your personality. It is a great way to know more about yourself before you start chasing employment.

10. Gig Economy


We all need a side job. As you search for the job of your dreams or the one that will settle your bills comfortably you need to keep body and soul together with a side hustle. And a good platform for that is the gig economy. There are lots of applications to check out in this category. Such as Uber, Lyft, Fiverr, Postmates and Instacart. These applications help you groom a side hustle. It even comes with an app that aids you to make money as a pet sitter.

There you have it – a comprehensive list of best apps for people seeking jobs. If you have other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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