Sometimes you just sit and think about what you really want from your career. You set goals and objectives but then realize they are really difficult to achieve. However, all that can be easier, when you use mobile apps. Getting right into it, check out our list of 10 Best Apps to Help You Crush Your Career Targets.

1. WorkFlowy

Best Apps to Help You Crush Your Career TargetsThis might appear like a simple note-taking application when you are yet to be familiar with it. But it is not just that. It can take care of everything from a company retreat checklist, to bullet journaling, to project management, all with a basic and simple-to-use design. With WorkFlowy, you will be able to tag and filter items on your to-do list, search for text and share your lists with whoever you want.

2. Hooper

Best Apps to Help You Crush Your Career Targets

This app will get you to your next trip for less by engaging in the analysis of flights and predicting the most appropriate time to enter a plane and the best time to purchase tickets. You will even be notified when prices are very low. Flight purchases can also be done within the app. It recommends locations you might fancy based on your travel history and budget. You will not be disturbed with ads in this app.

3. TickTick

Best Apps to Help You Crush Your Career TargetsThis is a useful task manager that divides your day into periods of job concentration separated by important breaks. It allows you to rapidly record whatever you want, plan your schedule and get reminders for due dates. If you are willing to part with some money, you can monitor your work and review your progress. White noise can also be played when you need to concentrate.

4. Grammarly

Best Apps to Help You Crush Your Career Targets

Still, on the topic of best apps to help you crush your target, Grammarly is another cool app you should totally check out. Grammarly is a Chrome extension and application that functions as a spell checker for whatever you write on the net.

It detects spelling or grammar errors on all sites when you type words. It could be a Facebook status, an email or a Google doc edit. This helps you to improve your communication. With a premium plan, you will be offered suggestions to improve your vocabulary and writing style.


Best Apps to Help You Crush Your Career TargetsThis app instantly safeguards your Wi-Fi network online connection at your preferred spot which could be a canteen or the airport. It will encrypt the data from the device and then function a VPN to protect it from hackers who want to tamper with your private information. It works on every device you own with only 1 account. Therefore, when you log in once, you are protected wherever you are. You need to part with cash to enjoy it though.

6. Cloze

Best Apps to Help You Crush Your Career Targets

This app does the job of a networking manager. It gets info about people you are familiar with from all your applications, aiding you to always keep in touch. With cloze, you can seamlessly locate the contact info and posts of any contact online. This could be via social media, email e.t.c.

When and where you and this person talked will be visible too. If you are willing to part with cash, you will be reminded to keep in touch at the most appropriate time to ensure the right relationships are preserved to boost your career.

7. Hours

Best Apps to Help You Crush Your Career TargetsThis app helps you to monitor your time, which is very important in whatever career path you have chosen. It aids you and your team to be fully equipped with the knowledge of how your days are spent. Rather than attempting to recall every single thing you did on a particular day, you can simply set up a timer for every project once and then tap whenever you intend to revisit it. The app also does the job on the Apple watch and web to help you record your work.

8. Way of Life

Image result for Way of Life app

It aids you to quit bad habits like procrastination and helps you to begin to get used to good habits. Way of Life is useful for the tracking of your progress and the viewing of the connection between your behavior and results.

By so doing, you will be shown how your goals can be achieved seamlessly and rapidly. It basically assists you to work on habits that will only draw your back.

9. Every Dollar

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This app ensures our money life is simple with its personalized templates and simple expense tracking. You will be able to create a budget quickly and view the cash you have remaining for the month. For the version you pay for, this app will instantly import transactions from your bank to aid you to know how your cash is being used and allow you to adhere to your budget without having to type in your spending on a daily basis.

10. Libby


This app grants you access to several ebooks and audiobooks for free. You will be able to read what you want directly from your smartphone or via Kindle. Any book can be sampled before you borrow to read offline. Libby was developed by the same developers that worked on Overdrive and it allows you to search and find what you want seamlessly. Various libraries and library cards can also be managed from one account.

There you have it – a comprehensive list of best Apps to Help You Crush Your Career Targets. If you have other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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