The stress that comes with holiday shopping can be intense for even adults, now imagine how it is for children. Just imagine a child finding himself or herself within a shopping crowd of strangers, cinnamon-scented stuff, holiday songs being heard, and his or her parents not giving him or her their complete attention as they search for the right stuff to buy for that special relative or family member. This is why a lot of kids get cranky when you indulge in holiday shopping. Luckily for you, you can occupy them with kid-focused applications on your mobile phone. Below is our list of 10 Best Apps To Keep Children Happy While You Shop:

1. Lipa Frog

est Apps To Keep Children Happy While You Shop This is a decent app that is available from Lipa Learning and it will cost nothing on your Android and iOS device. It entertains your kid with counting and numbers games as they experience a memorable journey in the Frog Bog Kingdom.

2. Starfall ABCs

est Apps To Keep Children Happy While You Shop

This is an app that costs nothing for both iOS and Android phones. It is a brilliant choice for educators and parents.

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It is basically a mobile version of the ABCs section of the Starfall site. Keeping your kids happy as they develop letter recognition and language skills simultaneously is what this app is all about.

3. PBS KIDS Video

This is available for free in the App Store and Google Play Store. Children get to view their favorite shows on it. Shows like Sesame Street, Curious George, Peg + Cat and so on available to keep them entertained.

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You will find no in-app purchase in the children-friendly areas, however, below the Grownups tab, parents can also buy more shows and episodes if their kid prefers another show that is not available.

4. Sago Mini Friends

This is an app that will cost nothing for both iOS and Android phones. Children aged 2-4 will fancy Sago Mini Friends. It might not look like an educational app but it was developed to teach and improve social skills like empathy and sharing. This app does not need WiFi or cellular data to function.

5. Art Class With Dr Panda

This is an interesting option for budding young artists. You will find no adverts or in-app purchases in this one, meaning your child can get creative while you shop peacefully. It can be accessed in both the App Store and Google Play for a specific amount that will not hurt your pocket.

6. Endless Alphabet

Image result for Endless Alphabet app

This is another amazing choice of educators. It comes with zero time limits or failures. It is a brilliant letter learning game that will ensure your child is happy as you shop.

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It will cost you money though. In the Play Store, parents can install the free version, which is mainly a sampler that comes with just a few words to try out. There is an in-app purchase that will aid you to unlock the complete version.

7. LEGO Star Wars: The New Yoda Chronicles

est Apps To Keep Children Happy While You Shop This is for children that fancy LEGOs or Star Wars. This application will engage them while you shop. It is available for free for both iOS and Android. There are zero in-app purchases as well.

8. Angry Birds POP

Image result for Angry Birds POP

This app is available for free in the App Store and Play Store. It aids the combination of your child’s favorite Angry Birds characters and a matching bubble shooter game. There are adverts and in-app purchases, therefore parents will need to be certain that children know what they are and your expectations. Settings can be tweaked to stop in-app purchases.

9. Roblox

Image result for Roblox

This app suits elementary schoolers 3rd grade and higher. It costs nothing for both iOS and Android. However, it needs you to set up an account for your kid. The app comes with adverts and in-app purchases. Roblox currency known as Robux is also useful for in-app purchases but you must know that Robux will cost you real cash. Parents are allowed to alter settings to stop in-app purchases or you can decide to buy some Robux for your child to use.

10. Minecraft

Image result for Minecraft

This app is available for an amount in both the App Store and Play Store. It is an app that can be used by elementary schoolers 3rd grade or higher. It is basically a brilliant world-building application that will excite your kids while you shop for the people on your list. It comes with in-app purchases so all precautions I talked about before now will apply here as well.

There you have it – a comprehensive list of best apps to keep children happy when you shop. If you have other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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