Singing is a popular hobby for so many people, especially when we storm the bathroom. And fortunately for us, we have various applications in the Play Store that will help you to improve your singing skills in no time. To expatiate on this, see our list of 5 Best Apps To Make You Sing Better:

1. StarMaker:

The app was developed to bring out the star in you. With it, you can sing free karaoke and even practice singing from several songs you will find in it. You will definitely see your favorite song too. It comes with in-app purchases and can be used on your Android device.

2. Yousician:

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In this app, you can learn Guitar, Bass e.t.c, and also sing better. It works like a singing tutor and users will be able to practice lots of songs and continue practicing until they master them.

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You will have access to step by step instructions on every song that you can sing and it will even show you your mistakes. There are in-app purchases too and users are allowed to participate in its weekly challenges.

3. Learn Singing:

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You can practice Bollywood and classical music in this one and there are lots of tracks you can learn. It comes in several kinds of levels, so there is something for beginners, intermediate and pros.

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To have access to more features, its in-app purchases can help, as long as you are willing to part with cash.

4. Learn to Sing:

Just 3 MB in size, it makes learning how to sing a very uncomplicated journey. There are lots of practice sessions in it and the app will boost your confidence each time you grab a microphone to let it all out.

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When you stop singing, it reveals your score so you will know how well you did. There are no in-app purchases here and it is completely free.


This is a very effective app for those that want to improve their vocals for singing. It is useful for amazing, average and very poor singers. The app will direct you all the way and you will always feel supported. There are in-app purchases here if you need added features that will make things easier.

There you have it – a comprehensive list of best apps to help you sing better. If you have other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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