Babies are the salt of life. However, we never have enough time to be there for them physically and be the parent they deserve. This is where our nannies and helpers come in, but even then, the little cuties still need more attention. We try to do our best when we can, but sometimes, we will need some minutes to eat, head to the store alone, or have a lengthy conversation with other loved ones. How do you cope then? Let’s help you with our list of 5 Best Baby Apps You Need For Your Child:

1. Baby Piano

Baby Apps You Need For Your Child
This useful piano is just amazing and it has been a top seller for a long time. The 8-key piano plays notes and makes animal sounds, with corresponding cartoon animals visible on every key. When babies are done making their personal songs, they will be able to play a nursery rhyme by tapping one of the highlighted keys. This keeps them engaged.

2. iBabyPhone

Babies see their mum and dad making calls, and they always want to do the same thing. With this app, they can do just that and there are no risks involved.

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As they dial the number buttons, they will hear the numbers ring out loud but no calls will be made. It is home to several modes that teach colors, numbers, animals and so on. It also makes your kids feel like adults.

3. Baby Rattle

Baby Apps You Need For Your Child
This app is brilliant for an inquisitive baby. It basically transforms your phone into a rattle with interesting interactions. Babies that get excited when your phone is closeby will love this one.

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They will be able to hear and see stuff to keep them entertained. Baby Rattle app has a clean UI and it possesses 4 rattle styles that each make a different sound when your baby shakes your device.

4. I Hear Ewe

These animated animals become active as soon as they are touched. The parrot will squawk, the lion will roar immediately your child touches them.

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With pictures of twenty-four creatures and twelve cars, babies and young children can play and learn. As soon an animal or car is touched, the name of that item will even be announced alongside a dope sound effect.

5. Baby’s Musical Hands

Baby Apps You Need For Your Child
Does your baby just love to play with your phone? Then this app can help. It is home to a panel of brightly colored squares that offer various musical notes as soon as they are pressed, exposing the child to a lot of soothing baby melodies. As soon as the squares are touched, the child will also see sparkling stars on the screen to keep him or her glued.

There you have it – a comprehensive list of best baby apps for your child. If you have other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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