Basketball is a popular sport all over the world. It has blessed our eyes with several amazing players, exciting action, and some of the most beautiful moments in all of sporting history. Sadly, such high games are not transferable to mobile games. The painful reality is that we really do not have a lot of dope basketball games on mobile. However, there are some lovely options that you can go for. Check them out in our list of 10 Best Basketball Games For Android:

1. Basketball Battle

This is a decent arcade-style basketball game. It comes with a PvP game that features 2 players on one court. The aim is to outscore the opponent before time elapses. The controls are very simple even if the graphics are not so great. However, the game possesses proper pace and an engaging premise. It supports split-screen multiplayer too, although that is better on bigger smartphones or tabs.

2. Bouncy Basketball

This is a decent arcade basketball game. It is very personalizable. Gamers will be allowed to play about 4 periods at up to 90 seconds each. Meaning, all the games will not exceed 6 minutes. A few other games come with simple controls, replays, several unlockable characters, character customization and so on. It is free but there are ads.

3. Dude Perfect

BasketBall Games For Android Known for its intense sports accuracy videos, this is an option to consider. Gamers get to shoot several things through, over, or around obstacles to come through with the perfect shot. It is a simple game and it helps you to pass time.

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Some of its features are challenges, unlockable characters and so on. You get to shoot a basketball into baskets with this game so it is still kinda like a basketball game.

4. Ketchapp

This game possesses various arcade-style basketball games. A lot of them are lovely but the collection as a whole is actually beautiful. These games include Dunk Shot, Dunk Line, and Ketchapp Basketball. They are all uncomplicated games that do not take too long to play. Their graphics are straightforward and the mechanics are simpler than average. Its free version comes with ads though.

5. ESPN Fantasy Sports

This is a brilliant fantasy basketball platform on the net. In this game, you can play with friends, join random leagues with strangers, and do all of the fantasy basketball things like trading players or scoping out free agency.

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The app allows you to edit your lineup, add/drop players, personalize your team, and communicate with other managers in your league. Expect a few bugs though.

6. NBA 2K19

This is 2K’s huge basketball release for 2019. It comes with actual basketball play with shockingly amazing graphics. The controls are quite poor, but it is usable. A key feature is its story mode with some of basketball’s biggest names and franchises. Plus, it possesses a career mode for custom players, a fresh soundtrack, and more. It initially had bugs but that has been taken care of.

7. NBA Jam

Still, on the topic of best basketball games, NBA JAM is yet another highly recommended basketball game for your Android device.  is a favorite for a lot of gamers. You get to play 2-on-2 basketball with less set of rules. Users can shove, steal, and dunk their way to your winning. NBA Jam also has hardware controller support, Android TV support, local and online multiplayer support, a campaign mode and so on.

8. NBA Live Mobile

BasketBall Games For Android

This is the official NBA game on mobile. Meaning, it is a freemium money grab by EA. It comes with amazing graphics, decent controls, and all NBA teams and players. You will also have access to online multiplayer, several play modes, live events and so on. It is actually an interesting game to play.

9. Street Basketball Association

This is a street style basketball game. It is also a freemium game. The game possesses a lot of game modes, which includes online and local multiplayer, a quick game mode, league games, unique events, and a training mode. The mechanics are not complicated in any way. It is quite slow though.

10. Yahoo Fantasy Sports

BasketBall Games For Android

It supports all the main (American) sports and we know basketball is part of that list. You will be able to conduct your draft, alter your lineups, trade, pick up free agents, and set your roster with the application.

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There is an integrated chat as well if you wish to engage in trash talk and communication with other managers. Its UI is okay since it makes things easier for whoever wants to use it.

Now that you have been provided with a comprehensive list of best Basketball  games for Android, it up to you to make your choice and begin gaming. If you have other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.



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