No matter how small the world gets thanks to the internet, business travel will always remain a necessity. Traveling for work is a unique experience that not only involves the work aspect of the trip, but also the fact that many times it is hectic, rushed, solo, and stressful.

Best Business Traveler Apps

Mobile technology has made it simpler for us to stay in touch with people using chats and internet calls. Moreover, it also presents its users with ample opportunities to make the most of their travel time and spend it either working, playing, or relaxing. Here are five types of apps that every business traveler must have on their phones for a hassle-free and successful trip.

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Being able to access any and all sites is extremely important for a business traveler. Not just from the work point of view, but also for entertainment, social media, or to connect with people back home, one has to have undisruptive access to the internet. Since the world is in a volatile state right now, and many countries have restrictions on websites, having a VPN can be a lifesaver. And it is essential for protecting your web use. It allows you to carry on with your work without worrying if a particular website is blocked in a country or not.

Money-Making Apps

No one understands the real value of money more than a business person. On the move and occupied, it is typically difficult for them to continue earning extra cash when hopping between countries. Except for online betting wherein, a business traveller can easily set wagers on sports competitions around the world through their mobile devices. Moreover, by using leading websites like Forcastr, they can pick up tips, football predictions, and favourable odds with ease. This helps them make a bet with a few quick taps on their phone.

Money Making Apps

Entertainment Apps

All work and no play make a business traveller grumpy and tired. From mobile games to online casinos, there are several ways to stay entertained. Then there is the rise of streaming platforms like Netflix that has made it easier for people to watch movies and TV shows while on the move. It’s best to have a variety of options available so that you can do whatever your mood at the time dictates.

Work Apps

Business travel means you have to stay in touch with your workplace constantly. Apps like DocuSign and Concur are excellent options that let you carry on with work virtually. Whether it is about signing documents or keeping track of your receipts, it’s all possible to do with a click of a button on your phone.

Translation Apps

A good business traveller should be multi-lingual, but the fact remains that not everyone has language skills. To avoid getting lost in translation, having a language app is essential. Google Translate, iTranslate, and Trip Lingo are all wonderful options that make sure your conversations in a foreign land are correct. After all, you don’t want to end up at a restaurant when in reality you are looking for a bathroom.

There you have it. The topmost and best apps every business traveler should have installed on their smartphones. Are there some you feel we missed out on? Feel free to let us know in the comments.


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