So, you are like me and you are not really keen on cables. In fact, right now, you are asking everyone to tell you how to get the best cable replacement service out there. Is that it?

I mean you’ve gone as far as trying networks such as Netflix and Amazon Video, yet you feel you could get even better options.

Best TV Cable Service Replacements

Well, that’s true, there is a plethora cable replacement service out there and fortunately for you, I’d be mentioning some of them here in this article.

Based on research, I have discovered that right now in America, the number of people using cable replacement services as more than tripled since 2013. All thanks to Video Advertising Bureau for sharing that statistics in one post I stumbled on online.

While there is a plethora cable replacement service out there, they are also very expensive. Although not as expensive as some of this cable networks in the market today.

The truth is the fact that the cable replacement services I will mention here are designed to replicate a traditional cable package at a lower cost and they will truly worth your while if you decide to subscribe to any of their packages.

1. Sony PlayStation Vue

Monthly bill: $45 to $80.

What you get: PlayStation Vue can be configured to resemble an expansive, if somewhat pricey, cable-TV-style programming plan. After recent price hikes, packages range from a $45-per-month basic option to an $80 Ultra plan with about 90 channels, including premium channels such as HBO and Showtime. You get local channels in many major markets and a cloud DVR for recording shows. Vue supports up to five simultaneous users. There’s now also a mobile option, so new users can sign up and start watching the service directly from mobile phones, tablets, or PCs even when they’re outside the home.

What you don’t get: Vue lost access to Viacom stations (Comedy Central, MTV, Nickelodeon, Spike) last year.

2. Sling TV

Monthly bill: $25 and up.

What you get: With its updated pricing, Sling’s Orange package is now $25 and includes about 30 cable channels but no broadcast TV. It supports one user at a time. Sling Blue, also $25 per month, supports three users and a different mix of about 40 channels, including local broadcasts and regional sports. (Among other differences, Sling Orange includes ESPN.) A combined plan costs $40. Themed add-on packs cost $5 per month, and you can add HBO, $15; Showtime, $10; and Starz, $9.

What you don’t get: Sling lacks CBS, Discovery Channel, and Fox News. Its cloud DVR is now more widely available and includes more channels and some new features, such as the ability to protect recordings from being deleted.

3. Hulu with Live TV

Monthly bill: $40 and up.

What you get: The Hulu with Live TV service offers about 50 channels, including major networks in some areas and sports channels such as CBS Sports, ESPN, and Fox Sports. You can watch on two devices at a time and record 50 hours on a cloud DVR. You can pay extra for more users and extra DVR storage, and the option to skip commercials. Hulu now also offers a combined plan, priced at $13 per month, that bundles a Spotify subscription with Hulu’s entry-level on-demand service.

What you don’t get: Not all streaming devices are supported, and right now the network doesn’t include AMC, Discovery, or Viacom (Comedy Central, MTV, Nickelodeon).

4. YouTube TV

Monthly bill: $40 and up.

What you get: YouTube TV offers access to live TV from up to 50 providers, including all the major networks. It also has a cloud DVR with unlimited storage. The service is now available in more markets after launching in five cities in 2017. You also get the original programming on YouTube Red Originals. You can add Showtime for $11 per month, CuriosityStream for $3 more per month, or AMC Premiere for an additional $5 per month.

What you don’t get: Right now YouTube TV lacks programming from Viacom (Comedy Central, MTV), Discovery Communications, and Scripps Networks Interactive (Food Network, HGTV).

5. DirectTV Now

Monthly bill: $40 and up.

What you get: DirecTV Now should appeal to anyone who wants DirecTV service but not the satellite dish. The company recently hiked prices by $5 on its various plans. The company’s Live a Little plan, which provides 60 channels, now costs $40 per month, and the Just Right package has gone to $55 per month. Go Big jumped to $65 per month, and the top 125-channel plan, Gotta Have It, costs $75 instead of the previous $70. The good news is that the NFL Network has been added to all DirecTV Now’s packages starting with Just Right and above, at no additional cost. Also, you can add HBO for just $5 per month. The company will be launching a next-generation version of the service this spring that bumps up the number of simultaneous users from two to three. You can head over to read a much detailed review by DailyWireless if you are considering subscribing to DirectTV now.

What you don’t get: Live TV still isn’t available in some smaller markets, but a long-promised cloud DVR has finally arrived.

6. fuboTV

Monthly bill: $45 or $50

What you get: The sports-centric Fubo now offers about 75 channels for the base $45-a-month package or more than 90 channels with the new $50-a-month Fubo Extra plan. With Fubo you get a mix of live and on-demand channels from broadcast networks (CBS, Fox, and NBC in most markets), cable channels (A&E, Bravo, FX, SyFy, USA), and sports networks (BeIn Sports, FS1, Golf Channel, NBA TV). You also now get Turner channels, plus sports programmings such as the MLB on TBS and the NBA on TNT. Also in the mix: a robust roster of regional sports networks—including those from NBC, Fox, and Yes—for local-team action, including MLB and NHL games. The service comes with a free cloud DVR that lets you store 30 hours of shows, movies, and games.

What you don’t get: Most notably for a sports-oriented service: no ESPN.


I believe that the above cable replacement services I mentioned are good enough to get you started in your journey of online video streaming.

If you would love to get started using some of these best cable replacement service, I’d suggest you look into any of them, especially DirectTV Now – I heard it is very lovely!

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