Glo G-Bam Hi 5ive is no doubt the best call plan on all network, because you call 5 family and friends number at 5 kobo per sec and 18 kobo to all network. Infact, you can also get to call 10 family and friends number at 5 kobo per sec.

You also enjoy 5MB free browsing every day.
This pan has no conditions attached outside the N5 daily plan which on some days is not even deducted due to what glo call the loyalty tariff.

USSD Code: *100*5*1# Code for adding family and friends: *100*1*number#

Code for modifying family and friends: *100*2*number#.

Code for removing family and friends: *100*3*number#

Glo-to-Glo: 18k/sec

Glo to Other Networks: 18k/sec

5 family and friends: 5k/sec

Glo-to-Glo: N4

Glo to Other Networks: N4

FREE 5MB Daily
5K/kb outside the free 5MB
Free Night Call
Enjoy 35 hours free night call every on usage of N200 previous week.


  1. hey Mr Frank, I see you’re working hard for Globacom network, don’t worry someday, they beg to make you ambassador. I personally don’t like Glo network, had never used their services, maybe I should give them a try.


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