The essence of living a healthy life cannot be overemphasized. The reason for it isn’t far fetched. Their unhealthy lifestyle facilitates majority of the health challenges people face. In this article, we explore a list of calorie tracker apps for iOS. These apps are listed below.

1. Life Sum

Best Calorie Counter Apps

Looking for an app, that helps you incline yourself with healthy foods? Life sum may just be the app you need. Life sum features diet plans, food diary, a macro calculator, calorie counter and healthy recipes. It helps you attain your weight loss goal seamlessly. Still, on its features, The Life Sum features diet plans for both keto and vegan diets, a health tracker and lots more. This app is available on iOS and Android platforms.

2. MyPlate Calorie Tracker

myplate calorie tracker

Seeking a very efficient calorie tracker app, Myplate calorie tracker is here for you. Myplate calorie tracker has a comprehensive food database with over 2 million food items. Here you can search for food items and check their calorie content. Myplate calorie tracker also features a bar code scanner, that lets you scan the calorie content of food items that feature barcode labels.

Still on the features of this app. Myplate calorie tracker has features that make weight loss a lot easier. It offers 247 support from members of the motivational community. It lets you create a custom exercise list, helping you keep track of exercises designed for weight loss. Myplate calorie tracker is available on the iOS platform.

3. Calorie, Carb & Fat Counter

calorie tracker app for iOS

Designed by Virtual gym foods, this app was designed to help users live a healthier life. It helps users keep track of the number of calories in the food they consume. This app features a nutrition plan that answers questions on lifestyle and set goals.

This app features support plans for weight loss, maintaining weight, weight gain, and building muscle. You are also offered food database validated y expert nutritionists.

4. Lose It
Loser it calorie counter

Lose it, is yet another excellent calorie tracker, designed to help users stay healthy, by eating healthy foods with fewer calories. Lose it has a community with over 50 million members, who have benefited from using the app. These members are there to help you on your journey to healthy living. Still on the features of the Lose it an app, the Lose it app features more 25 macronutrient and health goals to select.

5. Jawbone Up

best calorie app for iOS

with over a million downloads, Jawbone is another highly recommended app for people who desire to keep track of the calories in their system and in the food they consume. Similar to the life sum app, the Jawbone app also features a barcode scanner, that lets users scan barcodes, to know the calorie content of food items. Still, on the features of the Jawbone app, the Jawbone app lets you capture pictures of food items, and place their nutritional info beside them, for easy reach.

6. Argus: calorie counter & steps

best calorie apps for iOS

As the name dictates, Argus is an app that lets users measure the calories and their daily steps. It is app an app developer to make getting fit a whole lot easier. This way you can leave a more healthy life.  Similar to some of the already mentioned apps, Argus features a barcode scanner that lets you scan barcode sticker stickers on food items. This way you can get calorie info in real time.

Still, on its features, this app tracks your activity and steps through GPS or 247 pedometers, helping you in your quest to burn hundreds of calories. This apps is available on both iOS and Android platform.

7. Weight Loss Fitness by Verv

Best Calorie Counter Apps

Weight loss fitness by Verv, is another highly recommended app, dedicated to helping users achieve their fitness goals. It features a calorie counter and all the essentials needed to keep fit. It offers tips, for shedding weight and burning calories. This app is available in over ten languages including French, Portuguese, German and lots more. This app is available on both the iOS and Android platform.

8. Weight Loss & BMI Calculator

Best Calorie Counter Apps

Still on the topic of best calorie tracker apps for iOS, weight loss, and BMI calculator, is yet another awesome app that lets users track calories. It features a very efficient calorie tracker and also serves as a BMI ( body mass index) calculator. You are provided with a weight diary, weight goals, motivation incentives, body data tracker and lots more. This apps is available on the iOS platform.

9. Cron O Meter


Cronmeter is an app developed to help people plan and track their diet and workout routine, it helps users burn calories faster. Similar to the previously mentioned app, cronometer lets users calculate their body mass index.

Cronometer features a macro calculator that gives you information on the types of food you should be eating. Still, on the features of the Cronometer app, the cronometer features information on keto, vege, paleo, low carb, Atkins and vegan diets. This app is available for Download on both the iOS and Android platform.

10. Macros Calorie Counter & Meal Planner

macros calorie counter

Last but not least, is the Macros calorie counter and meal planner app. As its name dictates, this app lets users keep track of the calories they consume and also helps users plan healthy foods to consume, in pursuit of a more healthy life. This app is available on both the iOS and Android platform.

There you have it, the best calorie tracker apps for iOS. As earlier mentioned, these apps will make calorie tracking a seamless process for you.

If you have other recommendations for best calorie tracker apps for iOS, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.



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