The days of having to spend a fortune to get quality earbuds are over. Oscarmini has picked the best value for money in-ear monitors that you can get as soon as possible. Why you should go for these earbuds can be seen in our list of 5 Best Cheap Earbuds Under $100:

1. Shure SE215

This earbud has amazing sound quality and a well balanced sound signature. It is one of the best around. Its eartips are very comfortable plus it also has a memory wire cable used for keeping the earbuds where they should be. Shure’s noise isolation is highly rated for users looking out for such feature. It has a detachable cable to cap it all up. One poor side to note though is that this earbud is not great for bassheads and its 3.5mm L-connector does not suit devices with large cases. Musicians should love it as the sound quality and durability are quite unique.

2. Sony MDR-XB90EX

With a bass response that is deep and a basshead friendly feature, this cheap earbud is one you should consider purchasing. It fits nicely even with its large size.

Another great thing from Sony’s earbud is its noise isolation that is very apt. Its sealed case design contains the sound leakage as far as the earbuds fit apropraitely. You get a horizontal zippered pouch alongside your headphone. We do not recommend this earbud for exercise or high activity environments though.

3. ThinkSound MS01

Having a beautiful design with real wood and aluminum, this one is a massive contender for lovers of earbuds that sound as amazing as they look. They might not be recommended for your workout but its sound quality, built and attentiveness to detail are brilliant. It has four different comfortable sizes of soft silicone eartips for your listening pleasure. They are very durable with adequate strain relief. No inline volume controls or talkback mic comes with this earbud. Acoustic and classical music sound lovely with it.

4. HiFiMan RE-400

A decent sound with a dope strain relief, good noise isolation, and lightweight design are what makes this earbud stand out. Getting a thick and tight fit is very easy which means the noise isolation is quite easy to achieve as well.

Feel free to exercise with this earbud as it is reasonably resistant to water and sweat. A talkback mic is available on enhanced models if you want that. Lovers of Rock music should have memorable experiences with this earbud. Simply put, it is an excellent option for anyone searching for a compact and lightweight design with a seamless sound character.

5. Brainwavz M2

Image result for Brainwavz M2

If you are fed up of cheap earbuds but do not have any plan whatsoever to churn out big money for one with top end quality, then you should check this earbud out. It comes with a 50 inch OFC (oxygen-free copper) cable, replacement ear bud tips, shirt clip, over-ear hangers, a user manual e.t.c. They might sit very deep in your ear, but they are still okay for jogging purposes. This makes the noise isolation decent with it. It is very durable so you need not worry about how long it will last. It has no special features like your Bluetooth or microphones of this world.

There you have it. You have just been served a comprehensive list of Best cheap Earbuds under $100. These headphones are suitable for audiophiles who do not want to spend much on earbuds.

If you have other recommendations for best cheap earbuds under $100, please feel free to let us know in the comment section below.


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