Chess is an ancient board game that some people still fancy. If your go-to game if you just want to chill with friends or involve yourself in a super active competitive chess community. What is amazing about chess is that it is simple to learn and hard to master. Let’s show you the best options in our list of 10 Best Chess Games For Your Android Phone:

1. Chess by AI Factory Limited

Chess Games For Your Android PhoneThis is a well-known chess game for your smartphone and it has all the simple stuff. There are twelve levels of difficulty, casual and pro play modes, achievements, leaderboards and cloud saving. Its UI is not complicated and it comes with 8 chessboard themes. Its free version possesses no in-app purchase but there are adverts. Getting the pro version will get rid of ads though.

2. Chess Repertoire Trainer

This is a chess training application. It assists you to learn how to be a dope opener and how to seamlessly progress to mid-game. This game will watch your every move and target your weakness. It comes with flashcards with random openings you can play from, PNG file support and it makes use of the well known Stockfish chess engine. Its pro version will offer more features as expected.

3. Chess Tactics Pro

Chess Games For Your Android PhoneThis game is not like other chess games but it possesses a lot of chess puzzles. There are offline puzzle packs, daily online puzzles and so on. The developers say the difficulty of a few challenges could get to ELO 2000+. It is a brilliant way to improve your skills and learn fresh tactics. It will cost you nothing to download.


This is one of the most interesting chess games you will find. It possesses 2,200 simple exercises, 1,800 auxiliary exercises, and fifty topics to learn. Every exercise comes with a separate goal and it is supposed to teach you another tactic.

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The game monitors your ELO improvement as you keep using the app. You can see it as an instructional application instead of a game. However, to learn all the small tactics, you will need to play chess.

5. Droidfish Chess

Chess Games For Your Android PhoneIt possesses a lot of power user features, including PGN, FEN, and EPD support. It has support for Syzygy and Gaviota tablebases as well. Like other chess games, adjustment of the difficulty can be done by altering the strength of the engine. It is totally free with zero in-app purchases or ads.

6. iChess

This is another decent chess game for those that fancy playing chess for fun. This game is similar to Chess Tactics Pro.

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Every puzzle is offline and you can even bring yours. PGN puzzle files are supported. You will have 3 difficulties to select from. Its free version comes with adverts but the pro has none.

7. Lichess

Another well-known chess game for your smartphone. Its selling point is users having the opportunity to play chess online vs another player. Lichess possesses a player base of more than one hundred and fifty players.

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You can easily locate whoever has your skill level in this one. Gamers are allowed to play offline vs a computer if they want to. It is available in eighty languages and it will cost you nothing.

8. Really Bad Chess

Chess Games For Your Android PhoneThis is a fresh chess game for your Android device. It is a chess game that allows you to play with totally random pieces. Its free version allows you to fight it out with the AI in several game modes. Its premium version comes with a versus mode, gets rid of ads, theming and so on.

There you have it – you have just been walked through a comprehensive list of Chess Games For Your Android Phone.


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