One of the perks of being technologically inclined is that life becomes easier. Technology has managed to touch every aspect of our lives, food, clothing, locomotion and even how we socialize. The invention of social media has brought us closer to people in the world. 

Dating apps create avenues for people socialize with people they haven’t met before, with the intention of soul mates.

dating apps for teens and tweens

Dating apps help to pair people of same age grade, race, physique, making soul mate search faster. With dating apps, you don’t have to bother about being shy as they strengthen your confidence.

Though dating apps are helpful when it comes to searching for soul mates, using the wrong dating app can make finding soul mates a herculean task. When selecting a dating app, it is good you opt for dating apps that suit your age grade. In this article, I will be recommending 5 best and most popular dating apps that are suitable for teens and tweens, though this list is not limited to just teens and tweens but also to men and women.

1. Tinder

One of the most popular dating apps for teens is Tinder, it is popular for all the right reasons. Tinder helps teens meet their likes for a potential relationship, it eliminates the usual guess-work teens engage in before they go into relationships.

After you have signed up to with Tinder, Tinder offers suggestions of people who are in your locality. When you find somebody that looks appealing, you will have to swipe right or swipe left when you see a suggestion you don’t like.

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2. Hot or Not

The name explains it all, Hot or Not is another top dating app meant for teens to meet people with the aim of getting into relationships. It suits the needs of teens that want to get into serious relationships with people from their age grade.

You are to upload your photos in the app, if you are hot, people will message you for hook up. Suggestions will be limited to people in your locality.

3. Badoo

Powered by Hot or Not, Badoo is very efficient in matching people for a relationship online. It offers more features when compared to the Hot or Not app.  On Badoo, you are required to create a profile with your photo and edit your profile with interesting facts about you. After you might have successfully created your profile, your profile will be made public to people in your own locality, and you will also be offered suggestions of people in your locality.

4. Taffy

Taffy is a dating app that meets all the requirements of social media for people who want to date, with interesting features that alien to a lot of dating apps. Primarily, you will need to register, upload a profile picture and edit your about section.

Taffy dating app has been designed to help people eliminate quick judgment. Usually, people begin chats when they find someone with a very fine profile pic. But on Taffy, the case is different. profile pictures are blurred at first. The more you chat and get to know the person, the less blurry the person’s profile picture. This way you won’t be able to make a judgment based on the profile picture, instead, your judgment will be made based on personality.

5. Bumble Date

Bumble date is another excellent app that caters for online dating. Bumble date is suitable for teens and tweens that are willing to go into a relationship. Bumble date matchmaking seriously if you do not reach at to a match within 24 hours, the match expires. So with bumble date, you are rest assured that you will meet somebody that takes you seriously, thus facilitating a better date.

Note: When using these dating apps, you should beware of fraudsters, many users have ulterior motives. They use online relationships as an avenue of extorting money from their match.

So there you have it. A comprehensive list of the best dating apps for both men and women to go into relationships right now.

Are there other dating apps you think we missed out? Do let us know what you think in the comment section below as we’d love to hear from you.


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