DC’s animated films have given us some of the most amazing adaptations of the Justice League and beyond. And even if DC Comics has fallen behind as regards live-action superhero movies, it is still seen as the most perfect when we are talking animated features, both in terms of quality and quantity.  In the last 10 years, we have seen DC Films give us a minimum of 3 animated films every year. But we expect the rate to be boosted to four movies this 2019, with fresh movies now being produced strictly for DC Universe. To ensure you enjoy your Animated movies, here is our list of Top 10 Best DC Animated Movies You Should Watch Right Now:

1. Justice League: War

 Best DC Animated MoviesThe story first established the New 52 era of DC Comics. It is based around Darkseid’s first try to take over the Earth, the movie reveals DC Comics’ most famous heroes as they unite to battle him. The script touches on some of the brilliant moments from Geoff Johns’ original story, but some of the film’s best scenes focus on the beautiful conversations between Billy Batson and Victor Stone. The football genius teaches his little fan a lesson on how teamwork is key.

2. Batman: Gotham Knight

 Best DC Animated Movies

It focuses on an uncomplicated concept – via the hands of the most amazing Batman writers existing in the world of short films. Like several anthologies, the animated movie is a mind-blowing project that one can compare with The Animatrix.

3. Justice League: Throne Of Atlantis

 Best DC Animated MoviesArthur Curry always had the feeling of him not belonging in the little town of Amnesty Bay, where he assisted his dad to maintain the local lighthouse.

Destiny took over when anyone did not expect and his life was close to being taken but eventually got saved by a red-haired woman who told him he was the missing heir to the throne of Atlantis. Now with the assistance of the Justice League, Arthur has to battle his way to claiming his birthright and save two worlds.

4. Batman: Gotham

 Best DC Animated Movies

By Gaslight A serial killer makes his presence felt on the streets of Gotham City, focusing on ladies of low station. Even though the government told the public that no harm will befall respectable ladies, the letters the killer sends the Gotham Gazette containing an apt description of his crimes makes the people of Gotham weary and scared. The city’s single hope of a messiah is a strange vigilante, dressed in the form of a giant bat, who calculates mind remarkably.

5. Superman/Batman: Public Enemies

 Best DC Animated MoviesAs soon as the US Government realized that a giant meteor made of Kryptonite was about to descend on planet Earth, President Lex Luthor set Superman up for the death of the villain Metallo, saying the oncoming meteor has made the amazing hero unstable. Batman remained loyal to his pal and does all he can to prove that he is not guilty, but doing this became extra hard when President Luthor placed a $1 billion bounty on their heads, making professional assassins and government-employed metahumans begin to chase them with everything they have got.

6. Batman: Assault On Arkham

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Amanda Waller’s confidential files went missing and The Riddler was behind it. The Prince of Puzzles gets his flash-drive and himself locked inside of Arkham Asylum and Task Force X was brought in to recover the data. Surely, breaking into Arkham is no mere feat and crossing the wall is basically insanity.

This means the newest Suicide Squad that involves Deadshot, Harley Quinn, Captain Boomerang, King Shark, Black Spider, and Killer Frost have no other alternative but to adhere to Waller’s instructions, and get past the guards, the inmates and Batman.

7. Wonder Woman

Released 10 years ago, there are similarities between the animated Wonder Woman movie and the one that featured Gal Gadot in 2017. The two of them are origin stories touching on how the Amazon princess Diana landed to a Man’s World and became a superhero and also how she developed feelings for a soldier called Steve Trevor. Ares is the main villain in both movies.

8. Batman Beyond: Return Of The Joker

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50 years back, Terry McGinnis who was a student was Batman, battling several costumed villains and the clown-themed street gang referred to as the Jokerz.

Now, Terry has to battle the legit Clown Prince of Crime, who came back to destroy Gotham City and seemingly hasn’t grown older. The reason behind this is surely in the past of Terry’s mentor, Bruce Wayne, and the terrible fight that took The Joker’s life.

9. The Death Of Superman

 Best DC Animated MoviesIt is one of a kind film adaptation that can even do better with the book that serves as its inspiration, but The Death Of Superman does a decent job. It tackles the biggest issue with the comics of the time and the fact that the Justice League in that period were filled with B-list and C-list superheroes such as Maxima and Bloodwynd. By squaring Doomsday up against the big boys of the DC Animated Movie Universe, it raises it much higher as we view Green Lantern and Wonder Woman bow before the never tiring monster. This causes tension and makes Superman push himself to most massive extremes to save his pals and the entire world.

10. Batman: Mask Of The Phantasm

This was one of the various films made in the same setting, yet it was one that secured a theatrical release. As soon as members of the Valestra Mob begin to end up dead, Batman is seen as the main suspect after witnesses said they saw a dark figure in a mask and cloak committing the murder. With the cops chasing him and The Joker, the Dark Knight Detective gets tested as he has never been tested before, while Batman pursued the real victim named The Phantasm.

There you have it – a comprehensive list of Best DC Animated Movies. If you have other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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