Deepfake videos are becoming popular right now. A deepfake Chinese application named Zao is EVEN disturbing the internet as I type this. It allows you to create deepfake clips as soon as possible and the results will look amazingly legit. Even if the app is for fun, deepfake clips can be really troublesome if you use it to misrepresent someone, specifically in politics. Therefore in this tutorial, we will highlight deepfake apps and sites that get the job done without any harm and is useful for research purposes. These services can be used for studying machine learning, image recognition, computer vision and of course, for entertainment. See it all in our list 5 Best Deepfake Apps And Websites You Can Try:

1. Zao

Deepfake Apps And WebsitesThis is the most recent app to go viral in China right now. It allows you to create deepfake videos as quickly as you want. You are allowed to select a video clip from its library. Some of your options are Chinese drama series, Big Bang Theory, and popular Hollywood movies and so on. ASAP, Zao aids the creation of an authentic deepfake video which will appear almost the same as the original.

2. Deepfakes Web ?

This is a web service that allows you to create deepfake videos on the internet. It makes use of Deep learning to absorb the several complexities of face data. This service will need about four hours to learn and train from clip to pictures.

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If you use a trained model though, it will need just 30 minutes to swap the faces. This just proves that the first option, Zao, is amazing.

3. AvengeThe

This is the most enjoyable way to experience deepfake videos. It is a site which allows you to swap your face with a Marvel character in GIFs. This means it is not a full deepfake app because the site creates a static 3D model of your face. But, sometimes, it works really fine and appears authentic.

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It comes with eighteen GIFs from Marvel Cinematic Universe including Star-Lord, Black Widow, Iron Man, Captain America e.t.c. You can decide to become a superhero. For deepfake videos of your favorite Marvel character, this is the option to go for.

4. MachineTube

This is another site which allows you to create deepfake videos on your PC. Cloud computing is not needed here like Deepfakes web rather, it makes use of your PC’s horsepower.

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Meaning, a powerful computer with a high-end GPU and a minimum of 2 GB of VRAM is required. This one might also take hours before you view the final deepfake video. Just upload the clip, image samples and then MachineTube will begin to swap the faces.

5. DeepFaceLab

This is a Windows program that lets you create deepfake videos. It is mainly built for those into research and students of computer. But, if you wish to learn more about deepfake videos, it can make it happen. Because this program is an advanced tool for researchers, the UI might be complicated and you will have some learning to do.

There you have it – a comprehensive list of 5 best deepfake apps and websites you can try. If you have any recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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