Are you searching for a software that enables servers to speak with your friends? Or you are in need of one that can plan battles, events or even let groups play songs? If that is the case, then Discord can be of help. With that kind of feature, Discord is now more popular, but if you seek additional services, it can also be achieved. Discord bots improve your server and provide several entertainment options and changes to the platform. To expatiate, here is our list of 5 Best Discord Bots You Need To Try Out:

1. GameStats Bot

Best Discord BotsThis bot lets users reveal and compare statistics between lots of members especially if the discord server functions as a hub for gaming. All that is required is an easy command that will aid you to check a player’s game statistics on a current game. These statistics are game scores, preferred characters and kill/death ratios. It functions on over 15 favorite online multiplayer games like Dota 2, League of Legends, Overwatch, and Battlegrounds.

2. Pokecord Bot

Best Discord BotsIf you intend to boost the entertainment in your game channel, this bot is sort of like a mini-game that shows up as you chat. You will be able to play the game when a Pokemon is revealed on the server by fighting or retrieving them.

On this minigame, your Pokemon character can be leveled up as you battle other users. Even if it is like another copied version of Pokemon, it is very simple to operate and offers intense gameplay.

3. Pancake Bot

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It works as a bot that can take charge of several roles. This is possible via its various commands. It provides server moderation and even offers music. The music player in it lets users stream audio from Twitch, Soundcloud and YouTube. As soon as a request is effected, the bots bring the voice channel in contact with the user and start to play.

The quality of the music is amazing as well. The songs played are nothing but your choice of music too. There is “Skip.” and “Pause.” This bot also possesses timed mute and ban solution that aids its management of huge servers. Spam is also gotten rid off when Pancake deletes messages in bulk.

4. Tatsumaki Bot

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This app provides improved server experience to your discord channel. It offers fresh tools and also aids the conversion of your Discord to a game. It provides points and assigns levels and scores but that depends on server activity. When users gradually earn points, they are placed on a leader board alongside other users.

The Tatsumaki Bot also allocates a personal profile to every Discord user when images and backgrounds can be set. This bot also allows you to access how improved your server is. Welcome messages, quick poll voting, news feeds, reminders, instant YouTube and Google Searches from Discord and link shortening are all available.

5. Trivia Bot

Do you like to compete? This bot will let you do just that since it sets you up vs other server users in a game of multiple-choice trivia. I am talking forty categories with score leaderboards. It aids 3 commands, one for starting the game, one for pausing it, and another for going for a different category. This allows users to come up with short games. Even if TriviaBot offers one minigame, it gives you hours of excitement with lots of activities.

There you have it – a comprehensive list of best discord bots. If you have other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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