Downloader Managers are apps that let users optimize internet connection devices, for faster downloads. Download managers cater to downloads. Most of them allow users to pause and resume and even schedule downloads. If you desire to download multiple files on your device, you certainly need a download manager. In this article, we explore a comprehensive list of best download managers for Android. These download managers are listed as follow:

1. Advanced Download Manager

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The advanced download manager is unarguably one of the best download managers for Android, this is facilitated by a lot of good reasons. The Advanced download manager app lets you download up to 3 files at once on your Android device. The advanced download manager is smart enough to recognize download links, from your browser. It houses features that amplify download speed, using up to 9 multithreading. The Advanced download manager app has support for browsers including Chrome, Dolphin, Boat Browser and lots more. Advanced Download Manager houses a browser, that supports multiple tabs and provides users with advanced media download capabilities.

2. Loader Droid

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Loader Droid is one of those download managers designed exclusively for Android, it was designed to work seamlessly with the Android operating system. Similar to the Advanced download manager mentioned above. Loader Droid automatically captures downloadable links from supported Android browsers. Loader Droid download manager facilitates faster download speed, by splitting the download into parts. It also allows users to pause and resume downloads, as well as schedule downloads.

3. Turbo Download Manager

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As its name Clearly dictates, the Turbo download manager, is a download manager software, that speeds up the download speeds of files being downloaded to your Android device. This app aims at providing reliable file downloading even on low bandwidth. Apart from featuring a built-in browser, the Turbo download manager app has support for third-party browser apps including Dolphin, Chrome, Firefox, Skyfire, UC Browser, Boat Browser and lots more.

4. Download Accelerator Plus

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Download Accelerator offers a very intuitive interface, that facilitates Top-notch file download Management. It optimizes internet connection for faster downloads, it lets users pause and resume downloads, allows users to download files directly into their SD-Card.

The Download Accelerator plus app features a built-in browser, with multiple tabs, the auto-resume capability of interrupted and lots more. The download Accelerator Plus app also lets users download. The Download Accelerator Plus app has a smart error handling feature, that helps to prevent download thread interrupted.

5. Download Manager For Android

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The Download Manager For Android is another highly recommend Download Manager app for Android. It is unarguably one of the best download manager apps we have on Android. It allows for free downloading of any files and also provides three times faster downloading speeds than other downloaders. This app also features a web page bookmark manager, speech recognition, it also supports pause and resume of large downloads.

6. Fast Download Manager

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Still, on the list of best download managers for Android, the Fast Download Manager is yet another highly recommended download manager app for Android devices.

T his app automatically detects downloadable links from your browser. It lets users download all types of files, allows users to pause, resume or restart downloads.

7. IDM ( Internet Download Manager)

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The IDM app is yet another top-notch download manager available for Android devices. Please note that the IDM app available for Android isn’t the same on windows, they are two different programs.

You are assured of five-times faster-download speeds, along with the flexibility to download any files. This app lets you download from your default browser or email, using the link share feature, you can also download files manually

8. Downloader & Private Browser

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The Download & Private Browser app is a lightweight and top-notch download manager. Files to be downloaded are sourced using the built-in download manager on this app. This app supports the downloading of files of all formats. It also houses a feature that lets you browse the web privately. You can also store downloaded files in a secure folder.

9. Get Them All

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Desiring to download a large number of files at once? Get them all app just be all need. As its name Clearly dictate, the Get Them All download manager app lets users download multiple files at once with incredible speeds. This app comes with an in-built browser, that lets users source for links to downloads seamlessly. Similar to the already mentioned apps, this app lets you pause and resume downloads.

10. Download Manager For Android

Last but not least, is the download manager app for Android. Its a very basic app, its name say it all. It is a download manager app designed for Android. It lets you download multiple files, with incredible speeds. This app optimizes your internet connection, facilitating faster downloads on your Android device.

There you have it – a complete and comprehensive list of best download managers for Android. If you have other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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