We all love to make our jobs simpler in the kitchen, and there are appliances out there that do just that for us. One of which is our modern day gas cookers. To aid you’re going for the best option out there, to be your trusted kitchen partner for a long time, here is our list of 10 Best Electric Cookers With Glass Tops In Nigeria And Prices:

1. Generic Universal Glass Top Gas Cooker – EB-2201

electric cookers with glass tops in Nigeria

This electric cooker is of proper quality and very efficient. You do not have to scratch your head to make it work as it is easy to operate. You get to cook faster with it. Ir is quite strong and comes with a hard glass panel. It weighs 2kg. It gives you portability and power all at the same time, plus it is perfect for camping, hunting e.t.c. It costs just 17.000 nairas.

2. Amcool Double Burner Glass Top Gas Cooker

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This electric cooker is designed to take up less of your kitchen space. It comes with a shatter-proof toughened glass top that makes cleaning easier. It aids you to cook quicker and more effectively. It has a unique black glass on the front panel. It weighs 5kg and it comes in black color. The Amcool Double Burner Glass Top Gas Cooker is very durable. It cost 11,900.

3. Saisho Glass With Triple Burner

electric cookers with glass tops in NigeriaYour money gets the right value when you purchase this electric cooker. Its quality is quite high as it does the job required seamlessly. It is very effective and dependable. It weighs 2kg and comes in lots of colors. It costs 16,300.

4. Century Glass Top Gas Stove CGS 201-B1

electric cookers with glass tops in NigeriaIt possesses a tempered glass-top, infrared burner, new gas saving technology, effective and safe electronic ignition, enamel trivet with s/s water pond coating bottom and so on. It weighs 3kg plus you even get a 1-year warranty after purchase. Your kitchen will never remain the same once it gets into it.

5. Rashnik Gas Cooker

electric cookers with glass tops in NigeriaThis kitchen equipment is a massive blend of comfort and durability. It is made from durable and hard glass panel with steel material that makes the cooker guarantee it will stand the test of time. It is pleasing to the eye as well.

Its structure ensures it is effective at what it does. It has an anti-rust feature, gas-saving technology, 2800pa gas pressure, and autoignition. It costs 10,000.

6. ORIZUN Glass Top Gas Cooker

electric cookers with glass tops in Nigeria

The epitome of portability and effective cooking power. You do not have to decide to go for one or the other as you have both here. It is durable and effective and very useful for camping, hunting or in the kitchen. Its price is affordable at ? 12,500. It weighs 2kg.

7. Nulek Table Glass Top Gas Cooker

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It has lots of features that just make it the choice to go for. It is a stainless steel gas cooker double burner that does not need matches or batteries. It is simple to operate and will only occupy a small space in your kitchen.

The gas it consumes is also minimal. It weighs 2kg, comes in different colors and with a 1-year warranty. It costs 15,500.

8. Eurosonic Gas Cooker Glass Top

Rugged looking, made from hard glass panel and is the go-to electric cooker for durability. It is a pretty one at that and it also has an anti-rust feature. Its Double burner helps you achieve faster cooking plus it comes with auto ignition. It costs just 8,200. It weighs just 4kg. You get to decide the color you prefer because the makers let you choose between several colors.

9. Crown Star Gas Cooker

electric cookers with glass tops in Nigeria

It makes your cooking simpler, quicker and smarter as it comes with a 2 burner glass base gas appliance.

It also has a thick tempered glass top, chrome-plated pan support, cast iron burners and auto ignition that makes you quite comfortable as you spend time in the kitchen. It is a cooker with style if you ask me. It costs  11,800.

10. QASA Gas Cooker

electric cookers with glass tops in Nigeria

It is robust with a beautiful design for simple cleaning and massive durability. It is quite rugged and it comes with a tinted glass top and front panel. There is autoignition as well as a big and medium burner. Its Pressure is 2800~3000Pa and the overall heat Flow is 7.2KW. It is simple to use and maintain. It costs 13,000.

There you have it – a comprehensive list of Best Electric Cookers With Glass Tops In Nigeria. If you have other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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