Manual toothbrushes can guarantee the cleanliness of your teeth just as well as electric toothbrushes, but the latter helps to clean areas that are much difficult to reach manually, and they simplify the process of brushing your teeth longer. In this article, we explore a comprehensive list of 7 of the best electric toothbrush.

Therefore, how do you decide the best electric toothbrush to go for? It solely depends on the brand you prefer, but we can help you narrow down your options with our list of 7 Best Electric Toothbrush:

1. Quip:


This is a brilliant electric toothbrush and its head is actually close to the size of a manual toothbrush head.

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It comes with one speed and a two-minute timer that buzzes every thirty seconds and goes on after 120 seconds. It possesses no application, chargers, or wires and it is powered by an AAA battery you will see around the head of the brush. One full charge will last 3 months.

2. Waterpik Complete Care 5.0 Water Flosser:

Waterpik Water Flosser + Sonic Toothbrush Complete Care 5.0 WP-861 ...

Water flossing is amazing and this brush makes flossing super easy and effective. It comes with 5 water flosser tips, 2 Triple Sonic brush heads, 10 pressure settings, 3 brush modes, and a 2-minute timer with quadrant pacing. It is surely one of the best dental health products around. Pls note that if you have sensitive gums, your water flosser should be on a low setting.

3. Colgate E1 Smart Electric Toothbrush:

Colgate E1 Smart Electric Toothbrush
Colgate E1 Smart Electric Toothbrush

Lots of electric toothbrushes come with Bluetooth functionality and application integration nowadays, but the app you get with Colgate E1 Smart Electric Toothbrush will not stress you at all.

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Its easy UI grants you access to simple to understand visuals that will break down the duration, frequency, and surface coverage of your brushing. It is smooth, convenient to hold, and not as heavy as its rivals.

4. Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean 6100:

Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean 6100 Electric Toothbrush with ...

Anytime it notices that you are brushing too hard, the Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean 6100 electric brush will let out a buzz so you can reduce the pressure. It comes with 3 different modes for several needs, the modes are clean, whiten, and gum care.

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If you always forget to replace your brush head, Philips’ BrushSync tech will help you make the decision by letting you know how long you have been using your brush head and how hard you have been brushing.

5. Shyn Toothbrush with Ultra-Flex 10 Brush Head:

Best Electric Toothbrush

It’s head is slightly bigger than its rivals but it is still smaller than a manual toothbrush. Its bristles are soft and flexible and the brush comes with a thin and subtle rubber coating that makes it amazing for your gums. Just like Quip, users can decide to join a subscription plan that will send new brush heads every 90 days for a token.

6. Oral-B Pro 3000:

This is a superb brush that vibrates and oscillates at the same time to produce a cleaner result. If you have sensitive gums, Oral-B has several brush heads that can be of help. It will help with morning mouth odor than any of the other options on this list. It also helps to remove food debris from difficult areas seamlessly.

7. Waterpik Sonic-Fusion Toothbrush:

Best Electric Toothbrush
Waterpik Sonic-Fusion Toothbrush

The fact that this toothbrush is also a water flosser is fantastic. Make sure you put the toothbrush in your mouth before activating the Waterpik feature. Its cleaning power is commendable even if its design can be improved on.

More Information On Electric Toothbrush:

An electric toothbrush is a toothbrush that makes rapid automatic bristle motions, either back-and-forth oscillation or rotation-oscillation (where the brush head alternates clockwise and counterclockwise rotation), in order to clean teeth.

Motions at sonic speeds or below are made by a motor. In the case of ultrasonic toothbrushes, ultrasonic motions are produced by a piezoelectric crystal.

A modern electric toothbrush is usually powered by a rechargeable battery charged through inductive charging when the brush sits in the charging base between uses.

Electric toothbrushes can be classified according to the frequency (speed) of their movements as power, sonic or ultrasonic toothbrushes, depending on whether they make movements that are below, in, or above the audible range (20–20,000 Hz or 2400–2,400,000 movements per minute), respectively.

The effectiveness of an electric toothbrush depends not only on its type of action and on correct use but also on the condition of the brush head.

Most manufacturers recommend that heads be changed every three to six months at a minimum, or as soon as the brush head has visibly deteriorated.

Modern electric toothbrushes run on low voltage, 12 V or less. A few units use a step-down transformer to power the brush, but most use a battery, usually but not always rechargeable and non-replaceable, fitted inside the handle, which is hermetically sealed to prevent water damage.

While early NiCd battery toothbrushes used metal tabs to connect with the charging base, some toothbrushes use inductive charging.

There you have it – a comprehensive list of 7 of the best electronic toothbrush. If you have any personal favorite or other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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