When a disaster happens, you will be able to cope only if you are ready for it. It is vital to have the important things around you before it occurs. Things like water, nonperishable food, battery-powered flashlights, chargers or power banks e.t.c, go a long way. The information on your smartphone could be very valuable when there is a hurricane, earthquake, wildfire or flooding. See our list of 6 Best Emergency Apps For Earthquakes And Other Disasters:

Before The Emergency

1. Weather Underground:

emergency appsThis is an information app that shows you hyperlocal weather forecasts on your mobile device.

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You will see pictures, interactive radar data and satellite maps here. It can be used on your Android and iPhone.

2. Hurricane Hound

emergency apps
Like the name hints, it allows you to monitor active hurricane via US radar and weather satellite data.

3. Natural Disaster Monitor

You can track tsunamis, floods, e.t.c seamlessly as color-coded icons, differentiated by how threatening they are. It works only on an Android device.

During The Emergency

1. SirenGPS

emergency apps
When you use 911 from your device, your help will not arrive immediately, since dispatchers will require location info to find you. However, this app will grant you access to them at the touch of one huge red button.

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If your community is subscribed to Siren 911, closeby responders will receive your location and profile, and this will boost your chance of getting help quickly.

2. Trusted Contacts

Simply add your family members or friend and let them request your location in the app. You will be able to share your location proactively or when requested.

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If providing a response to requests is not possible, your most recent known location will be shared instantly, even when you are offline or when your battery is completely drained.

3. Zello Walkie Talkie

This app helped during a recent hurricane as volunteers used it to plan rescue efforts. However, it can help in more temperate times too. It works on your Android and iOS devices as well.

There you have it – a comprehensive list of 6 best emergency apps. If you have other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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