Those with the fattest bank accounts, whether Bill Gates or Jeff Besoz, swear by their reading list and Bill Gates even shares his list for a new year regularly. As a business owner that has an amazing idea and plans to make a business out of it, you eventually learn along the way. But how about starting your journey by reading about what the greats have to say about how you can build your own successful business?Let us help you achieve that with our list of 10 Best Entrepreneurship Books Of All Time for Business Success:

1. “The Achievement Habit” By Dr. Bernard Roth

Best Entrepreneurship Books Of All Time for Business SuccessThe Co-founder of Design Thinking, Dr. Bernie Roth’s main question in this book is “Are you solving the right problem?” Severally, we have seen start-ups spending money on a product idea mainly because it is enticing or they know a thing or two about it.

Dr. Bernie with a very uncomplicated questioning process aids you to discover what the real problem is. He then breaks down his 30 years of associating with individuals and organizations, into clear steps to grow from an idea to a business.

His bias for action and belief is commendable. He said it is best to do something and fail than do absolutely nothing and hold on for the right path of action to surface. Prototyping, testing, learning and so on are what his encouragements are based on.

2. “The Obstacle Is The Way” By Ryan Holiday

Best Entrepreneurship Books Of All Time for Business Success

This book focuses on success and tells you how whether you will end up being a success or not depends on how you cope with obstacles and hurdles.

As a businessman or businesswoman, there will be difficulties from all angles, technology, regulation, competitive competitors. How can you handle all these and progress? Ryan Holiday goes back to the past to write about the persons that did remarkably well to shine even with the setbacks and challenges they faced.

You have to read it and you will ready to rise and shine every single day too.

3. “Tools of Titans” by Tim Ferris

Best Entrepreneurship Books Of All Time for Business SuccessTim Ferris interviews lots of amazingly successful persons in various walks of life on his podcast.

He distilled these convos into themes and it is stunning how successful individuals have common themes that ripple across their lives. Ferris also tested them personally before they got listed, so you are aware if it is a diet or health routine or peak performance practice, its success is repetitive.

4. “$100 Startup” by Charles Lebeau

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Charles Lebeau tackles the myth that you require lots of cash to be a success. In this present world, where the money is seen as the ruler on earth, the book breaks down that even with a little amount, startups have actually built huge businesses.

Lebeau also wrote about how several of these successful businesses started during the massive financial crisis and recession.

What was the secret? Being a business genius and the failure to agree with rampant notions that business during that time cannot succeed.

5. “Deep Work” by Cal Newport

Best Entrepreneurship Books Of All Time for Business SuccessCal Newport wrote about how setting aside hours of practice and doing all you can to improve on your business can make you skillful in it. This has to do with working without losing concentration. We all love our smartphones and all notifications captivate our attention.

Newport writes that if we concentrate on specific periods of time to Deep Work, our businesses will remarkably increase and we will be able to do what our colleagues are not doing.

Every business leader will cherish this book.

6. “10X Rule” by Grant Cardone

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Grant Cardone definitely lived this book. He is a realtor by profession, he has brilliantly uplifted his business by sticking to the 10X principle: when others were reducing their investments, Grant Cardone went all in during the recession.

He is of the opinion that anything the other person is doing, you must be prepared to do 10X of that. It is hard to argue with Cardone who has lived what he writes about.

7. “Meditations” by Marcus Aurelius

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This might appear like a strange inclusion but remember that this was a warrior king who wrote down his philosophy as he waged the most lengthy war in his life and won. Marcus Aurelius’ writings tell us about the philosopher-warrior, who was one of the most successful Roman emperors of his time. His tenure is often referred to as the Golden Ages because of his charismatic and effective leadership of his people.

Aurelius, via his writings, tells us about the Stoic Tradition of coping with hardship and moving ahead with will and belief in yourself. He told all of us to search where our mind is heading to and shape your tomorrow in that direction.

8. “Influence” by Robert Cialdini

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This book was written in the 1980s, millions bought it and were it translated into over 20 languages. This reason for this is because of his timeless message of how you can influence people. Robert began his study with an easy but powerful question: “What makes people say Yes to something? He goes against the normal belief that it is the advantages of the products or argument that ensures they say Yes. He revealed that it is actually the context in which the message is placed which does the act of persuasion.

As a business owner, your main aim is to create a customer. Make use of Robert’s six principles of Influence: Reciprocity, Consistency, Likeability, Social Proof, Authority, and Scarcity to come up with a business that the whole world will marvel at.

9. “The Hard Thing About Hard Things” by Ben Horowitz

The fact that this book was endorsed by Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page, and Peter Thiel makes it a must read. Ben Horowitz actually succeeded in winning the heart of an entrepreneur, CEO, and now a VC Firm owner.

What makes it an interesting book is that Horowitz begins by writing that there is actually no formula for success. But there are lessons to note from the failure and challenges of others. He tells us to sail through these hardships.

10. “The Lean Startup” by Eric Ries

Best Entrepreneurship Books Of All Time for Business Success

Eric Ries began the Lean Startup Revolution. His brilliant book tells us how we can bootstrap a business and keep it lean for maximum profitability. Most times, as businesses begin to grow and become a success, the temptation is to employ others, purchase assets and spread the net wide to attract more customers. He advises against all this.

This book breaks down how the lean ethos should permeate the business so that it will not matter how large or little your business is, your thinking, innovation, and execution will forever make your business one others will look up to.

There you have it –  a comprehensive list of Best Entrepreneurship Books Of All Time for Business Success. if you have other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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