The simplest way to lose weight and enhance your health is to be mindful of what you eat. This is why digital food trackers are so vital. Food tracker applications do more than just calorie counting. They are a learning tool for finding the meals you love and enjoy, the ones you do not really fancy and the type of situations that lead you to consume those meals. To cook better, to shop smarter and to become a more mindful eater, check out our list of 7 Best Food Tracking Apps That Should Be On Your Phone:

1. HealthyOut

Eating outside can be very inconvenient. Luckily for us, this app helps manage the menu. It is useful for filtering out whatever does not satisfy your dietary needs, be it specific calorie counts, heart-healthy choices, glucose-sensitive options and so on. It comes with various nutrition insights that let you make informed nutritional decisions.

2. Noom

This app makes sure you watch what you eat and how they affect your weight loss. It helps you change the behaviors that resulted in your getting fat in the first place. Features include get-to-know-yourself quizzes, food, and activity monitoring and so on. It also provides a health coach that will help you reach your goal via a personalized plan, advice and support.

3. OptUp

The brain behind the development of this app is Kroger’s dietitians. It makes your grocery shopping experience a simple and uncomplicated one.

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This app helps to categorize meals into 3 color-coded groups. The colors are green, yellow, and red and they aid you to know their nutritional status by looking at them. It even monitors your purchases and teaches you to make reasonable purchasing decisions by giving suggestions for smart swaps.

4. Rise

This app helps you to avoid food temptations. It gets you assigned your personal, registered dietician that will offer real-time access for advice, support, and accountability. Rather than just logging your meal, you can capture pictures of whatever you eat.

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Your nutritionist will review the photos every day and provide feedback. It is not a free app.

5. Tasty

This is an application that makes you feel you have your personal recipe coach. The more you cook, the better you eat. Research has proven that cooking is an activity that results in a healthy lifestyle. Its UI is intuitive and it comes with simple-to-follow guidelines.

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Just enter a meal and you will be shown suggested recipes that incorporate that item plus videos with instruction.

6. WW

Weight Watchers allows you to lose weight how you want to lose it. It provides over 4,000 recipes, several filter options, bar code scanning and support from the WW community. Users are even allowed to add their go-to recipes so that when you cook your favorite meal, you won’t need to rewrite every individual ingredient. The app costs you nothing.

7. Yummly

This app prides itself to be a smart cooking platform. It comes with 2 million recipe database with step-by-step instructions. It also possesses shopping lists, filters according to allergy and other dietary limitations plus a vibrant health section. You are even allowed to inform it about when you plan to eat and a reminder will be heard.

There you have it – a comprehensive list of best food tracking apps. If you have any other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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