Do you have a friend or family member who is a full-time programmer and cannot decide on what to get them for their birthdays or just as a casual gift? You are not alone. Gifts for coders that is line with their job can be very difficult to come by because programming is such a rare skill. Luckily, we can assist you. All programmers are unique, and there is no one gift to please all of them. For the best options to put a smile on a programmer’s face today check out our list of Best Gift Ideas Every Developer Would Love:

1. MacBook Pro

Programmers fancy gadgets and when it comes to devices, it doesn’t come bigger than Apple. If you have a coding pal who does not own a MacBook Pro, then it is not a bad idea if you got that for the individual. Very expensive but as long as it is someone you care about then it is worth it. No matter how heavy your workload is, regardless of what you’re attempting to develop, a MacBook makes light work of it.

2. Plurasight Membership

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Coders love memberships and Plurasight works like NetFlix for software developers. It possesses 5000+ online courses on all the newest topics such as front-end and back-end development, machine tutorials and so on. You also experience interactive quizzes, exercises, and most modern certification material.

As far as learning is essential for every programmer, Pluralsight membership ensures you have better knowledge than others in the industry. It has a yearly plan you have to pay for which is a bit costly but you get immense value for your money.

3. Amazon Prime Music Subscription

Believe it or not, Programmers actually love music. For lots of them, music boosts their output when they do their job. Amazon Music offers a varied collection of music that your coding friend will have no choice but to appreciate.

4. Raspberry Pi

This one is pretty ancient but is still very relevant. It is a mini-computer that is amazingly inexpensive, and you can receive a decent bundle which provides several features that will only aid a programming job. It is even a great option you can use to teach children all they should know about programming.

5. Books

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Programmers do not just love gadgets and music, and they love books too. It now depends on the type of book precisely they will care about. A novel? a book that talks about programming? or a book on all things education? It is simple.

While they will appreciate fantasy books and novels, it is best to go for a software developer’s life manual. All programmers will definitely love to have one.

6. Fitness Club Membership

best gift ideas every developer would love

This is a gift that will ensure the recipient is forever grateful. Since several programmers do not engage in any physical activity, you will not just be getting them to participate in more physical activities, and you will be directly impacting their lifestyle also. They might hate you for it for a while, but give them time, and they will end up being grateful.

7. Logitech G710+ Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

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All programmers require an active keyboard, and any of your buddies who is a programmer is not exempted. Some developers might fancy silent keyboard but some prefer a gaming keyboard. A gaming one is also useful for playing games on your computer. Logitech is also a great option for peripheral devices.

8. Games

best gift ideas every developer would love

Programmers love sports too. Games like Super Mario Bros, Mortal Combat, are an excellent way for programmers to ease stress and get their brains refreshed in time for more work.

A gaming console like Xbox or Nintendo PI is also a large gift option if he or she does not already possess one. If the person owns a console already, Minecraft is one to go for too.

9. Intel Boxed Compute Stick with Windows 10 Pre-Loaded

This is a superb gift for anyone involved in coding. A full PC, with Windows 10, on a stick. This device can be plugged into a television and you have a PC. There is lot of storage available for effective programming productivity. It even has a dependable low-power solution specially made for developers creating light digital kiosks with zero effort needed for its installation.

10. Gift A Course From Udemy

best gift ideas every developer would loveCoders adore online courses and Udemy has the largest platform for courses online worldwide. There are more than 85,000 online courses to gain knowledge of anything. For instance, Big Data, Automation, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Robotics and so on. Udemy aids you to gift a course to a friend who is into programming. All you have to do is enter the individual’s email while you buy the course.

There you have it – a comprehensive list of best gift ideas every developer would love. If you have other suggestions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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