Golf is a well-known summer sport. You simply grab the clubs, hit the course, and entertain yourself. And luckily for us, Golf games are on smartphones too even if they might not be as real as the real thing. However, it is a brilliant way to pass the time if you are a fan of the sport. Plus there are several options to go for. Find out about a few of them in our list of 10 Best Golf Games For Android Devices:

1. Desert Golfing

Golf games for AndroidThis is a proper arcade golf game. You will find yourself playing golf in the desert. The game comes with easy 8-bit graphics, easy controls, offline support and so on. You simply hit a ball into a hole repeatedly. It is not confusing at all when you try it. It will cost you a token and you will not be disturbed by in-app purchases or ads.

2. Flick Golf Extreme

golf games for Android

This is a well-known arcade golf game on Android devices. It is identical to the arcade golf games you view in bars and similar establishments. You simply flick your finger to hit the ball. The rapidness of your flick will bring about the distance you will get. Flick Golf Extreme comes with proper graphics, leaderboards, and special maps. Expect bug from time to time, but nothing too serious to affect your game.

3. Golf Battle

Golf games for AndroidThis is an online putt-putt game. It possesses 6 versus 6 online PvP in the form of a race style. Anyone playing will flick his or her balls up the course and the first one that enters a hole wins. Golf Battle is also home to one vs one PvP, lots of unlockable content, and several levels. It is not a golf per se, but the arcade action is very fun.

4. Golf Clash

Golf Games For Android

A very popular golf game on Android. This game plays like an arcade game as well. Players simply flick their fingers to hit the ball.

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It comes with an aiming mechanic for enhanced control. Other features in it are online PvP, weekly events, in-game chats e.t.c. Weather conditions are also present and they do have an effect on your play. It will cost you nothing to have this game on your device.

5. Mini Golf 3D City Stars Arcade

Golf Games For AndroidThis is a mini-golf game. It is home to several courses for players to play through along with online PvP, a chat function, challenges e.t.c. It has an energy system too. But, you will receive added energy by viewing ad clips rather than paying real cash. This is not what players will love but you have no other choice.

6. Neo Turf Masters

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This is a mobile port of an ancient console golf game with the exact name. It comes with retro graphics and some other things that are not normally visible.

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Things like local multiplayer support, hardware controller support, Android TV support, and offline support. It is not a huge game and there is not much to do with it but it still gets the job done then the most recent golf games out there. It will cost you something to get this game and there are no in-app purchases or ad.

7. OK Golf

Golf Games For AndroidStill, on the topic of best golf games for Android, Ok golf is yet another golf game you should totally check out. This golf game has some amazing features. The graphics are beautiful even if every background in it is dull gray.

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Also, the game is home to online multiplayer, multiple courses, secret areas, and simple mechanics. No club system is used here, rather, you simply drag back and do your thing. The game will cost you some money but do not expect more in-app purchases or advertisements.

8. PGA Tour Golf Shootout

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This is a unique golf game. It comes with online PvP modes plus a single player mode. You will even receive challenges every day and every week, several unlockable equipment, and cool graphics. The controls in it are easy and it is like an arcade-style golf game. It is actually a free app.

9. Super Stickman Golf 3

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This is a recent arcade golf game. It possesses 20 golf courses, two online PvP types, several power-ups, lots of playable characters, many customization elements, Google Play Games achievements, various game modes e.t.c. It will help you pass time as you hold on for your turn at the course or in the middle of a commercial break as you view The Masters. It costs you nothing too.

10. WGT Golf Game

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A very decent golf game.  It comes with authentic brands, legit courses, amazing graphics, proper controls, and ball physics. An online PvP mode, multiplayer leaderboards, tournaments are present as well. A particular tournament in it allows whoever wins to earn himself or herself a trip to the U.S. Open. It is free and it surely one of the best golf games for your smartphone.

There you have it – a comprehensive list of best golf games for Android. If you have other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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