Health is wealth. If you intend to monitor your heart rate and enhance your health in 2019 you should read this and get it across to loved ones as well to ensure everyone stays fit and healthy for as long as possible in the new year. What makes this so amazing is it can be done directly from your mobile. Here is our list 10 Best Heart Rate Monitor Apps For Android 2019:

1. Cardio Heart Rate Monitor

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This is the massive way to measure and monitor your heart rate. All you have to do is place your finger on the phone’s camera and be still, the heart rate is revealed to you afterward, in a couple of seconds. Cardio Heart Rate Monitor is just an app and should never be used as a medical device. The app is free with unlimited recording, blessed with an amazing UI, identifies heart rate training zones whether its Rest, Fat Burn, Cardio, or Peak and also helps in estimating calorie burned every 60 minutes. You do not need any additional hardware to enjoy this app.

2. Instant Heart Rate

This is one of the most accurate heart rate monitors. To prove this, huge research institutions like UCSF for cardiology research training and UCSF Health eHeart Study use this app for their accuracy. It does an excellent job as regards measuring your pulse and heartbeat after bedrest, as you exercise or during training. It does not need heart rate straps to function. Blood circulation can also be monitored using this app. It operates like pulse oximeters, as it notices a change in your finger to give you accurate heartbeat measurements. Some of its additional features include PPG graph (similar to ECG / EKG / Cardiograph) – see every heartbeat and BPM, Google Fit support (heart rate and heartbeat data) and Share heartbeat.

3. Runtastic Heart Rate Monitor & Pulse Checker

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This app provides information about how fast or slows your pulse rate is at all times. You do not need to provide any extra heart rate monitor straps to enjoy the features that come with the app. All you have to do is the place and hold your (index) finger subtly against the back camera lens and flashlight, and your pulse heart rate will be shown to you as soon as possible. Kindly ensure you do not press too hard as this can alter the results you seek. Runtastic also has Graphs that will illustrate your pulse rate measurement in a way that lets you understand everything. You also get to upload your results on the app.

4. FITIV Pulse: Heart Rate Monitor + Workout Tracker

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This app was developed to motivate you, engage you and update you on your fitness. It uses clear heart rate graphing and displays in-workout videos to inform you about what you need to work on as per the results you desire.

You get to monitor your workout via your favorite Bluetooth heart rate monitor from popular brands like Polar and Wahoo to track your progress from time to time. Users are allowed to customize their heart rate zones, track their calories and control the music in-app.

5. Very fit For Heart Rate

This app looks after your workouts, sleep quality, heart rate, and a smart alarm clock to wake up. It contains an App Live View to gives you info on your calorie consumption. Data can also be synchronized to Google Fit. It has a decent UI and an HR monitor that is aptly accurate. The app needs to improve on its battery life though. It even records deep and shallow sleep.

6. BLE Heart Rate Monitor

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This app connects your mobile device to heart rate measuring devices via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and lets you check out your heart rate on your phone. It also includes a Chart to display your heart rate from time to time w/ pan & zoom. There is also a map shown to you that reveals your heart rate color-coded route in real time. To make things even better, exporting your heart rate data to either TCX file format or Comma Separated Value (CSV) text file format is possible to aid its external analysis.

7. StressScan

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This app is capable of analyzing the balance of your autonomic nervous system and supports the measurement of stress level. The technology the app uses is widely used and respected. StressScan is compatible with a camera- and flash-equipped smartphone. Devices without camera and flash cannot enjoy its features. An Internet connection is needed to use StressScan.

8. Baby Heartbeat Listener

This app lets pregnant women and their husbands listen to, record and share their baby’s heartbeat via the woman’s abdomen. The app is fantastic to use. It needs you to use headphones as it functions like a stethoscope, boosting sound from the mic before the rebroadcast of the headphones. Headsets do not function on this app.

On how to go about using it, launch the app, plug in the headphones, launch listening, attach the microphone to the woman’s abdomen and record whenever you hear the baby’s heartbeat for you to play again and even share with friends on social media. Please be warned that for you to not have the baby exposed to the wave coming out from the phone, it is key to ensure the device is in airplane mode before you place it on the mother’s abdomen.

9. Pedometer 2018: Step Counter & Heart Rate Monitor

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This is a free heart rate monitor app that will do nothing else to your health other than improve it. The app doesn’t lose count of your steps, calories burned and does its very best to monitor your heart rate as well as give you several exercises so you can plan your workout correctly and do it the right way. As soon as you click Start, Pedometer for walking will instantly begin to count steps, heart rate for the whole day, burned calories and your walking distance. Apart from heart-related tests, you also get to check your oxygen, blood viscosity, your eyesight and even have access to a reminder list for your exercise.

10. HeartOnTop – The Heart Rate Tracker And Monitor

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This app measured your heart rate with the internal/built-in sensor of your phone. The benefit that comes with this app that you won’t get anywhere else is the fact that it combines your internal sensor with every app, without having to expect support from the combined app. It displays your heart rate in a small window on your screen, so you get to see your heart rate and your preferred app at the same time.

This app can go ahead to record your heart rate as long as it detects your pulse, so you have the opportunity to leave it to function while you exercise or engage in another activity. This app monitors your work-out heart rate continuous and also measure the heart rate at an interval of 24 hours.

There you have it. You have just been served with a comprehensive list of best heart rate monitor apps for Android. Monitoring your heart rate only got better.

If you have other recommendations for best heart rate monitor apps for Android, do let us know in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you.


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