Hockey is a decent sport in North America and it has a proper international following too. However, it does not have the numbers of fans that soccer has gathered and keeps gathering. What this means is that a lot of game developers do not focus on hockey like they do other sport but we still have a few interesting ones that come up with games that can be downloaded. Check them out in our list of 10 Best Hockey Games For Android:

1. Blocky Hockey

Best Hockey Games For AndroidThis is an uncomplicated arcade hockey game. It makes use of runner mechanics. Gamers get to skate down lanes and you have to skate down lanes to stay away from opponents. It comes with several playable characters, fighting, multiplayer, and retro-style graphics. It is available for your Android phone and the game is not too costly.

2. ESPN And Yahoo Fantasy Hockey

ESPN Fantasy Sports is a useful fantasy sports platform. It accommodates several sports and hockey is not exempted. The application allows you to create or join leagues, draft your team, set your roster, browser free agency, conduct trades, and reach out to other managers in the league. You can expect a glitch once in a while but it is nothing too serious.

3. Franchise Hockey 2019

Best Hockey Games For AndroidThis is a fantasy hockey simulator by CBS. The game allows you to build a team, simulate full seasons, train your players e.t.c. It is basically a collectible game. Meaning, there are freemium elements and loot boxes that come as player packs.

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It is doper than previous games in the franchise. However, its freemium mechanics are not really the best and should be improved on.

4. Ice Rage: Hockey

This is a top-down arcade hockey game. A goalkeeper and a skater will be given to you. You get to bounce the puck around until someone scores. It could pass as an ice hockey version of air hockey. The game comes with local multiplayer support for 2 players on one device. It stands out to be honest. Plus, there is a tournament mode. It is not a complicated arcade game at its core.

5. Hockey All Stars

This is a proper hockey game. You will have access to a joystick and a few buttons to control players on the ice. The gameplay is seamless and enjoyable, especially when you hit that cross-ice one-timer for a goal. This game will cost you nothing and it comes with free to play elements.

6. Hockey Classic 16

One of the few games with proper hockey mechanics. You get to skate up and down the ice, shoot pucks, score goals, play defense, and win championships. It comes with sixty teams and seven game modes. Meaning, there is quite a bit of content in this game and several ways to play it. It is a more ancient game though and it is yet to be updated for a long time now. So, go for the free version before purchasing anything.

7. Hockey Nations 18

This is an interesting arcade hockey game. The developers of Hockey Classic 16 blessed us with this too. It comes with 3 vs 3 hockey between 6 nations.

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That includes 40 North American Teams, 27 Russian League Teams, 19 International Teams, and two all-star teams. Ths game has a 3 games per hour limit and you can purchase more if you wish to. Apart from that, the game will cost you nothing.

8. Puppet Ice Hockey

Still on the topic of best hockey games for Android. Puppet Ice Hockey is another game you should totally check out. Another arcade game with hockey elements. It is a 2D game with 1 versus 1 gameplay. Gamers get to shoot the puck across the ice and the other player will return it. Whoever scores the most goals wins. It comes with power-ups, truly interesting animations. It is a freemium game.

9. Puzzle Hockey

This is a hockey-themed match-3 game. You should already play match-three games. Gamers get to move symbols around on a grid until you match 3 or more.

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The final matches will assist you to score goals, make saves, and win games. It is an officially licensed game so you can expect real hockey players in this one.

10. Stickman Ice Hockey

This is another hockey game with actual hockey mechanics. Gamers get to skate up and down the ice, score goals, do more hockey stuff. It possesses the top-down style of 1990’s hockey games that older fans will surely love. The game comes with 4 difficulty levels, 46 teams, various season modes, multiplayer PvP, and hardware controller support. This makes it one of the best true hockey game available on mobile. Expect bugs though.

There you have it – a comprehensive list of best hockey games for Android. If you have other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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