As a newbie in the job market or if you are fed up of your present job, deciding on a career path can be very challenging. There are several jobs out there so we know how you feel. To aid your decision, check out our list of Best Industries For Job Security:

Best Industries For Job Security


1. Tax Consulting/Auditing

What tax consultants, accountants, and auditors do is simply prepare and check financial records to make sure taxes are paid the right way and as at when due. A decent work-life balance got this industry into this list, and that might be because of the seasonality of the job. A staff said, “tax preparing work for six months leaves plenty of time for other things.”

Those in this occupation also love the fact that they are allowed to do their jobs autonomously. A current employee praised being able to relax and never get bossed around for a long period of time as what he loves the most about his work.

2. Human Resources/Staffing And Recruiting

When you are a people person, you will most likely shine in the world of human resources and staffing. Working in HR brings out the human and caring side of you. Several HR positions deal with internal employee relations, compensation and benefits, and training; but staffings are all about external positions, where workers take charge of recruiting, interviewing, and bringing workers in for a particular company. Things are flexible in this sector. Meeting candidates physically from time to time has to take place but work can also be done from home if you want, and this does not involve any form of late night work.

3. Consulting Consultant

They devise means to ensure organizations are more effective and also do an advising job for managers. There is an apparent and exact goal on how companies can make more profits via decreased costs and increased revenues.

Even if some consultants are employees for a particular company, most of these professionals work for consulting firms that do their stuff on contracts by several businesses. It basically involves flexible hours, a vibrant workplace and a lot of clients.

4. Information Technology/Network Security

Are you great with computers? Then you should seek employment in this sector. IT employees make use of computers, telecommunications equipment, and other devices to use, transmit, store, and access data; but network security analysts mainly safeguard this data from digital threats like cyber attacks. If confidential data and possible cyber attacks are what you deal with every single day, you will love the challenging and rapid-paced work environment this sector can offer you.

5. Research And Development, Sciences

Employment opportunities in research and development involve designing and leading research projects and checking out results to enhance services or products. Several research and development jobs will present you intriguing topics in health care, pharmaceuticals, biosciences e.t.c.

It definitely needs your brains. Working in the sector lets individuals do their thing with a regular schedule and also enjoy high professional growth.

6. Arts And Entertainment

Are you the creative type? Then try out employment in the arts, culture, and entertainment sector. I mean jobs like being an actor, musician, writer or painter. Those in this sector love their jobs since co-workers love what they do and are very eager to assist the team. It is definitely one accommodating, caring and beautiful industry to work in.

7. Internet/Media

This is all about websites. This is where the Googles and Facebooks of this world are ruling. There are several different positions in a web company, from product to marketing to finance. It is basically about teamwork and this makes it more enjoyable for anyone who desires to dive into this industry.Also, media and communications include writing, editing, film production, broadcast news e.t.c. And we all know these are all key in this generation.

8. Purchasing

This has to do with adhering to a company’s buying policies and making sure that every purchase is not out of line. Positions are different, as this depends on how big the company is but jobs include budgeting, determining vendors and suppliers, reviewing inventory, tracking orders, and processing purchase orders and requisitions. Working in this industry is enjoyable plus teamwork is key.

9. Market Research

What they do is, retrieve consumer data to assist companies to decide how they can boost, advertise, and market their goods and services. They receive information on customer opinions, investments, or purchasing decisions with the aid of surveys and then going through the data to take huge business decisions. Job satisfaction is high.

You need proper analytical skills, plus the ability to do your job in several departments and with lots of consumers. It is a professional industry and believe me when I tell you it is also great if you aim to develop your career.

10. Primary And Secondary Education

Educators are simply concerned with aiding students to reach greater heights. You get to impact the lives of your students which is a very good feeling. Some educationists decide to concentrate their job on a particular specialty, like special education, sign language or English, but some can decide to go general with their work. This sector is all about skills and knowledge that will aid students to become successful.

There you have it – a comprehensive of best industries for job security. If you have other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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