Keto diet refers to a diet plan that features foods rich in fat and low in crabs. Thanks to technology, maintaining the keto diet has become a lot easier. The Google PlayStore is flooded with apps that provide keto diet recipes and tips for people who desire to maintain the keto diet system. In this article, we are going to explore a list of 10 best diet apps for Android. Apps featured on this list have features that make maintaining the keto diet very easy. Apps featured on this list are as follows:

1. Carb Manager

carb manager

Seeking to maintain a perfect keto diet? Carbs manager is an Android app that makes the whole process a lot easier and fun. Carb manager has features that help keep track of the number of carbs, protein, fat, and calories in your system. Carbs manager includes a database of over one million foods. It also features a water intake calculator, a forum, articles, about living a healthy carbs diet life. Carbs manager is available on the Google Play Store for a premium fee of $39.9 per year.

2. Allrecipes Dinner Spinner

Allrecipes Dinner Spinner

Looking for the best keto recipes? Allrecipes dinner spinner app is all you need. This app features over 1,000 recipes videos. These recipes include step by step cooking instructions and recipes for all kinds of diets. In the quest to offer users with updated recipes, this apps allows for submission of new recipes. Still speaking of the features of this app, this app will enable you to save favorite recipes, it features a decent search engine and a recommendation engine that gets better, as you continue using the app. Allrecipes dinner spinner is entirely free and is available on the Google PlayStore for download.

3. Life Sum

life sum

Life Sum is another highly recommended app for people on the Keto diet. It has features for dieting, fitness tracking, habit tracking, and social features. Proceed to acquire the premium version of this app; you are offered access to its recipe database, macro tracking, food rating, body composition tracking, and exercise tracking. Life Sum is available on the Google PlayStore, for a premium fee of $44.99 per year.

4. Ketogenic Diet


Ketogenic diet app was designed with fitness in mind. It provides essential information for people who desire to become fit. It features a meal planner, exercise tips, fat loss tips and lots more.

ketogenic diet apps also features recipe guides for people on keto diet. Ketogenic diet app is available on the Google PlayStore for download.

5. My CookBook

My CookBook

My CookBook is an app specialized in offering the best keto recipes. My CookBook allows users to import recipes from a number of sources. Sources which includes: Meal master, MasterCook, LivingGookBook, Rekconv and lots more. My CookBook also has a feature that allows users to enter recipes manually.

This app also features an integrated shopping list, Ingredient scaling, customization features, and Android wear support. My CookBook is available for download, from the Google PlayStore for $3.48.

6. Reddit

Best Keto Diet Apps for Android

Popular for being a community where different people share views on different topics. Reddit has subreddits pertaining to the different topic. Keto dieters can follow subreddits like R/keto and R/Keto recipes, to get updated on this they need to know about successfully living on a Keto diet.  In these subreddits, Keto dieters share stories and also get vital information from fellow keto dieters. Reddit is available for download from the Google PlayStore, with a premium fee of $3.99 per month or $29.99 per year.

7. Total Keto Diet

Best Keto Diet Apps for Android

Total keto diet app is another excellent app for keto dieters who care a lot about learning keto recipes, total keto diet app also provides information on living a healthy keto diet life. Total Keto Diet app features hundreds of recipes, a macro tracker, a database with hundreds of thousands of foods, an integrated shopping list and lots more.

This app removes all the unnecessary tools featured on apps of it’s kind. Total Keto Diet app is completely free and is available for download from the Google PlayStore.

8. YouTube

Best Keto Diet Apps for Android

Searching for tutorials or tips for any aspect of life, YouTube has it all. With the numerous number of creators and channels on YouTube, it is very difficult not to find answers to questions from YouTube. YouTube has a lot of Channels dedicated to providing tips and answering questions pertaining to keto diet. Examples of such channels include: Goody Beats, Cooking with kristie, MNDRZ and lot’s more. YouTube is available for free download on the Google PlayStore.

9. Keto Diet App: keto Diet Tracker

Best Keto Diet Apps for Android

Keto diet tracker app helps keto dieters track body fat, provides information on the amount of food to be eaten at intervals and also the types of foods to eat. Keto diet tracker includes a barcode facility which helps keto dieters scan food items to get information on the nutrients present in them. Still, on the features of this app, Keto diet tracker has a feature that lets you set diet goals and it also provides tips to make diet goals a reality.

10. Yummly

Still, on keto diet recipes, Yummly provides a lot of awesome keto diet recipes, tailored to meet the needs of keto dieters. Yummly features a lot of keto recipes, it lets you save your favorite recipes, features a built-in shopping list, recommendations and lots more. Yummly lets you add recipes from other websites. Yummly is a completely free app available for download on the Google PlayStore.

There you have it. The best keto diet apps for android. As already mentioned, these apps will make maintaining the keto diet system very easy and seamless. If you have other recommendations, please feel free to drop them in the comment box below.




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