Whenever people talk about learning a new language, this topic so much does interest me and do you know why? A lot of us want to speak and learn a language different from our mother’s tongue and you think I might be wrong, then answer these questions.

Have you ever wanted to look cool before your friends and tried speaking a sentence from a foreign movie? Have you ever stated a phrase from any foreign language before? Then you definitely can see how speaking a foreign language not only makes you look cool but also is a great thing to be able to pull through.

Best Language Learning Apps for You

Being able to speak the local language of another country is one of the best ways for travelers and other patriots to become deeply involved in the culture of every country. You don’t necessarily have to be fluent and have a great accent, but just learning basic words and phrases can go along way easing you some stress. Now let me shock you with these words: Tous s’apprends. (That’s French) Which means that All can be learnt. Hope you are not surprised?

So right now I will be listing out some few smartphone apps that will help you pull through the learning of most foreign languages you might have thought of. Kindly stay with me as we go through this list.

List of My Favorite Language Learning Apps


This language aid app covers over 23 major languages. It at well lets you progress at your own pace, by starting with simple phrases and gradually move to more complex sentences. This app is really helpful for beginners leveling up to professionals.

Rosetta Stone

From research some time ago about Rosetta Stone, I got to find out that she is the leader in teaching languages for 25 years. So am not surprise that it has a mobile app too. Choose from 24 languages and then start learning the basics. Listen to the words and repeat them, then match photos to phrases. If you are serious about learning a new language, then Rosetta Stone is an excellent option.


Memrise has a friendly interface that’s encouraging and attractive. Do you want to learn Serbian, for instance, you’re guided through the Cyrillic alphabet (derived from Greek), and it is by no means a bad method. There’s something catchy and inviting about its simplistic visual aids, as if a friend is showing you tips to remember each lesson.


Babbel is another very popular learning app just like Rosetta Stone that makes learning a new language interesting. It has native speakers saying the words which helps you say the phrases correctly. You can also mute the microphone and just hear the words spoken to you with a brief quiz at the end. When you finish the lessons, you can view the vocabulary lists and then choose from flashcards to review what you learned. If you are serious about learning more languages subscribe to the paid portal.


This is for international travelers reasons because you can learn essential phrases and translate phrases in an instant. This app includes an interactive phrasebook, culture notes, voice translator, and tip calculator. It even has its own safety tools like emergency help numbers in foreign lands and local help in case of food allergies that can be (literally) a life-saver in tough situations. Isn’t that amazing, this is a top purchase.


This app is a great app that connects you to people who speak the language you want to learn. In return, you help them learn your language. Everyone’s there for the same reason and you can be both a student and teacher without much stress. HelloTalk lets you select your entry level, then find a stranger to talk to. A variety of neat tools like correction, translation, and speaking make this a full-featured chat experience. This app breaks down the barriers between countries and that’s what learning another language is all about.


Busuu is a social network for learning diverse languages. This app helps you connect to a growing community of native speakers. Because of this, each user can learn different languages from its “mother tongue.” Busuu offers 12 diverse languages in full courses. The app has similar features to Duolingo in terms of its gamified.


All the above mentioned apps will help you to learn the exact pronunciation of words or phrases that you might encounter while trying to speak any select language of choice.

The benefits of speaking more than one language cannot be overemphasized as it has also been linked to improvement in memory and even helps develop one’s level of perception. In fact, you know you can seem the coolest to locals who know you understand their mother tongue.

Now it’s your turn. Find out which app best suits you in learning a new language as all are quite great and do not forget to let us know which one, in particular, you did pick from this list of best language learning apps for your smartphones and device. 


  1. wow! thanks so much for this, i have always wanted having a reading app on my tecno device, its intriguing to know how much information you can get on your palms.


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