You will inevitably ask me to say something new if I told you “Music is everything.” right now. Having a decent music player app that will do justice to those songs is something that we all strive to achieve to improve our music experience once and for all. To ensure your search for that killer music player app is no longer a thing as from today, check out our list of best music player apps on ios

1. TapTunes

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This is a brilliant app developed by David Blundell. It is the home of every music you desire in the entire world. With TapTunes, you can have fun with its one-of-a-kind music collection. It aids you to click, swipe, drag, touch, and shake so you can remarkably experience your choice of songs. It is very customizable as it consists of 25 settings to help make it your own. You also get the opportunity to smoothly switch between your podcasts, audiobooks, songs e.t.c, depending on your mood. It supports five browse displays. Music can also be shared with anyone on social media.

2. Cesium Music Player

best music player apps on iOS

This is one of the very best out there. It has a great, easy and productive user interface for your seamless use. Music lovers do not know what they are missing if they do not have this app installed on their devices. It aids you to edit, reorder or shuffle your queue according to what you prefer. It also possesses customizable tabs themes. It is available in 11 different languages.

3. Boom

A prevalent one you should know. It is a reliable, smart and customized music player app for iOS users. The app comes with amazing themes that will only entice and make you want to listen to favorite songs on it. It has several libraries for music, music and more music. You are also able to take control of its audio however you please. Your playlists can even be personalized to give it more of your feelings.

4. Marvis iPhone Music Player

best music player apps on iOS

One of the very best to go for. It works for both the iPhone and iPad. Its design is gorgeous, and it offers playback history and advanced music info. You can edit, play and add your favorite jam of all time. There are seven different options you can choose from, including songs, artists, genres, playlists, albums and more.

To move between the different tabs, you can either swipe to the left and right or tap one of the icons at the top bar. Parents even get to censor specific words for kids that use this app.

5. Vox iPhone Music Player

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This app is ready to house your music when you are ready. It has lots of space and an unlimited offline cache to accommodate all your songs easily.

In it, you’ll find 30’000+ Radio stations, advanced audio features, plus you get to collaborate with various audio sources like custom Playlist, iTunes Library, and online Radio. Any track or playlist can be played.

6. Stezza

One of the most used ones, it is rapid and very much accessible when used with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. It is available in 7 different languages, and the application is useful for iOS 9.3 or later. It has large buttons for easy access and is even helpful for the visually impaired persons that take advantage of its high contrast. Background color options are also present for their benefit – with the default as white on black.

7. Listen

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It aids you to take control of your music. It is available in 17 different languages. There is an online radio for continuous listening. You are allowed to add your favorite song, create your playlist and make use of it in local, international and curated stations. Overall, it is one of the best gesture-based music apps. It runs on gestures, not buttons. If you’re in your automobile, on a bike, or running a marathon, you’ll lose yourself in the music, not the interface.

8. SoundShare

best music player apps on iOS

A fun and straightforward application that aids the connection of several services together into on social network. The app comes up with brand new playlists inside SoundShare and works with your friends.

You can begin a conversation in SoundShare, have access to AirPlay to listen and watch the full music video on your device plus it comes with a built-in player.

9. Ecoute Music Player

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It has a neat and good looking user interface that caters for gestures to help you take control of your songs as quickly as possible. It lets you add music, and your tracks can easily be recognized. Your favorite jams can also be shared on Twitter and Facebook. As soon as the brightness of the screen reduces, the UI will instantly switch into night mode.

10. Stringer

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This is one of the dopest music players for iOS users and a brand new way to listen to your favorite songs. It helps to shuffle your entire library and add related songs from an artist. It can be used with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The language used here is English only. If you’re a fan of listening to your music library on shuffle but want to be in charge of what plays, then Stringer is the perfect app for the job. Even if Stringer is a free download with full functionality, you get a premium upgrade through in-app purchase.

There you have it – the best music player apps on iOS. If you have other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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