Talking about online streaming, many will say that Netflix is the boss of the industry. Netflix obviously has turned out to be the relevant option for the race of all ages and has subscribers all around the world. Lots of substitute alternatives have cropped up over the years. Some of them are paid, and some are free. So, let’s take a look at some of the best Netflix alternatives.

Best Netflix Alternatives

Before we get any deeper, you need to know that many of the following media streaming services are restricted to certain countries. But there is a solution to that dilemma and that is looking out for the best VPNs for media streaming.

Top 20 Best Netflix Alternatives – Free & Paid Options!


Vudu is one of the best Netflix alternatives. And with lots of features, the reason we say this is because Vudu is not all about paid subscriptions only. There are lots of free videos too (that contain ads).


Hulu can be watched from anywhere. It comes packed with the newest episodes of shows. Apart from customized suggestions, you also get a healthy dose of ad-free content. However, there are quite a few hidden gems that other popular video interfaces seem to miss out on. Hulu allows users to cancel services anytime.


It offers movies in nearly multiple languages. In addition, the obvious and serious disadvantage with Box TV is that it offers only Indian content. Aside from TV shows, Box TV also gives you a healthy collection of Bollywood movies. That is right. You will not need to pay a dime extra for watching fresh Indian movies as well.

4. iTunes Movie Store

iTunes might not be your favorite. Apart from movies, iTunes allows you to buy and rent music videos, TV shows, music albums, and even individual songs. The biggest advantage of using iTunes is that you do not have to pay any monthly subscription charge.


The platform features content from different genres including, dramas, mysteries, and documentaries. Acorn. TV can easily be added to the range of other TV shows that you watch on Netflix. Two standout features of Acorn. The TV would be its totally ad-free nature and its multi-device compatibility.

6. PopCornFlix

Popocornflix gives you access to free movies and a variety of TV shows. There are a lot of things you get here that you can’t get in Netflix. On this very platform, you have access to multiple categories of movies. Popoconrnflix don’t have a daily new release but it still worth the bit because you have a great collection of movies and TV shows to select from.


Fandor gets you all the assurance you need. This service also works for those looking for best Netflix alternatives in terms of indie movie releases. Furthermore, the collection on Fandor is typically unique content that you will not find on other streaming platforms. It tends to smartly adapt to your viewing habits.

8. SONY Crackle

Crackle is a free online streaming service brought to you by Sony and currently available in 20+ countries Crackle could be your best bet if you are trying to cut costs but still want to enjoy some great free content. This can be a perfect replacement if you are already using a service.


It is one of the fast-growing sites, adding new content almost every week. It’s worth having a look if it’s available in your region. The biggest advantage of the site’s services is based on its well-organized platform and on the other hand, it offers some relevant recommendations. 


It is a popular video-on-demand platform in India. It offers exclusive coverage of the elite cricket tournament IPL or Indian Premier League. Licensed content from Marvel Studios, and Disney. 

11. STAN

Stan subscription budget is based on demanded videos; Stan is your default choice (after Netflix) if you’re an Australian resident. Users can access hundreds of licensed movies and TV series from ABC, SBS, CBS Warner and more.

12. HOOQ

HOOQ is the perfect video platform for you. If offers thousands of local and regional shows and movies to customers with an option to download those on their devices. The best part about HOOQ is its low subscription cost.

13. iFLIX

iFlix specifically targets relatively new markets by placing more focus on local contents from the following mapping: Asia, Middle East region, and presently they are into partnership with Disney, Warner Bros and other content distributors for global content. They also release their service in full HD.


It is an online streaming service owned by Turner Broadcasting System. It provides users with instant access to tons of rare and ultra-classic movies across different genres. Earlier this year (2018), Turner Classic Movies announced the bring back of classic Hollywood movies to the platform. 

15. MUBI

MUBI permit users to stream new movies daily from a collection of handpicked items. At the end of every month, you get to choose from a different batch of movies. If you are into classics and indie movies, MUBI is one of the few good options for you.


Offers you thousands of new and old media content owned by CBS Interactive and its partners. Members have access to Live TV, where they can stream their favorite sports and live events. Subscribers may find its video and audio resolution is quite low as it provides videos at 720p (which is its maximum quality) with two-channel stereo sound.


HBONow is one of the best but after losing its place as the king of content, HBO launched its video on demand service to attract the “cord cutters” by taking on the big players like Netflix and Hulu. And it is only available in the United States and some U.S territories.


With Amazon Prime Video you get instant access to your favorite local television shows and movies of extremely high quality. Those who have subscribed to Amazon Prime get access to Prime-videos as well, but if you wish more, you can purchase an online video membership.


Tubi Tv is just like Netflix cos it allows you to watch a variety of movies and Tv shows. Tubi TV has diverse genres available too, like comedy, documentary, thriller and cult movies.


On this platform, you will find beyond 5.000 movies, documentaries, and TV shows. It places more of its focus on independent movies.

Snagfilms has a little catalog to offer compared to Netflix, but the best part is that you wouldn’t bother yourself for member registration it’s free. Not forgetting that Snagfilms also features movies, TV series and other short films.

Hope you did find the comprehensive list of 20 best Netflix alternatives quite useful. Feel free to let me know in the comments.


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