Merciless baptism of fire experience awaits. Additionally, all the games listed below have astonishing epic storylines. Face yet another engaging challenges, set up your warriors for a major chase! Partner with your companions, and be ferocious in battles! These game doesn’t need wifi and you can play offline without access to the net. below are the best Offline shooter games for iOS

1. Cover Fire: offline shooter game

Download now with the expectation of extreme shooting experience; one of best offline addictive frontline shooting game on mobiles.

Offline Shooter Games for iOS

Your obligation is to lead the war and become the best shooter and marksman fps shooting!

In a Cover fire, you’ll have to attempt the new free zombie event where you Shoot and don’t spare any alive!! Is it accurate to say that you are a survival legend if you play brutally?

The game featured a new mode titled “Sniper FPS Black Operations. You got the call for an obligation of eliminating all foes before the time runs out. Beat the time and shoot! Each

Cover Fire Key Features:-

  • Additional 3D FPS Shooter experience.
  • Breath-taking HD graphs with destructible battlegrounds.
  • Become the best expert marksman in the online competitions mode. Shoot continuously against different professional killers players.
  • Supply yourself with colossal genuine weaponry. Secondly, have you never experienced realistic firearms in a shooter game? You have guns, shotguns, rifles, riflemen… within your grasp so feel like a genuine forefront commando!

Be the shooter who leads a squad of veterans through attacked urban areas, deserts and fields taken by guerrillas.

2. Battle Of Bullet: free offline shooting games

Battle of Bullet has a profound testing storyline where you choose the end of the present-day front line and insert the best fps shooter experience you’ve gotten.

Image result for Battle Of Bullet: free offline shooting games

Battle like in genuine world war and professional kill all the undead foes for survival. Keep in mind as an agent, you got two alternatives to survive or die, demonstrate your fierceness of war or kick the bucket!

Looking at the big picture of the game, it’s is an engaging survival shooter war game. To get the most out of the battle of the bullet, you must be a quiet professional killer with the most convincing sharpshooter experience to eliminate execute enemies from all sides in the modern killing.

3.Gun War: Shooting Games

Offline Shooter Games for iOS

This is a disconnected shooting game with little download size yet addictive.

Game highlight:

  • 15+ Multi-dialects.
  • Over 124 energizing shooter assignments, including 6 unique game type.
  • 50+ included scenes and maps.
  • 50+ weapons, epic weapons hanging tight for you.
  • Weapon update framework, even standard weapons that you can redesign.
  • Remarkable hired soldier and team system.

4. DEAD TARGET: Offline Zombie Shooting Games

Keep your heads up; your hands on the trigger and shoot zombies intensely. Would you be able to make sense of the way to survival in Zombie game? Test your limits!

Image result for DEAD TARGET: Offline Zombie Shooting Games

There are a huge number of shooters shooting/slaughtering zombies to save the world, we should unite with them and become the best!

Fight for survival in a zombie end times with the shooting game. Pick the best weapon to battle against the dead that is strolling toward you. Slaughter all the dead and don’t leave any zombies alive!!

It’s Zombie APOCALYPSE; can you survive?

5. Modern Critical Warfare

Modern Critical Warfare is an intriguing FPP shooter game with shocking illustrations, even on low-performing gadgets.

Offline Shooter Games for iOS

Counter-terrorist to barrage the unkilled foes. It’s Not Only a game, but a battle Fight Royale combined with expert sniper FPS Black Ops.

You are a piece of unique present-day war strike where your battles quasi genuine war and professional killing experiences. The game featured an enormous HD map for the fight to come true!

6. Death Race – Offline Games Killer Car Shooting

Image result for Death Race ® - Offline Games Killer Car Shooting

It’s a kill or be killed game; ride or die! Ride your autos, burnout the wheels, shoot to kill and slide traffic in the best vehicle shooting games and gun games! Kill your foes spectacularly death race matches to achieve the objective and survive!

Battle for your opportunity and evade blasts, devastation, and foes as you shoot with your twisted metal weaponry. Play in death mode against the quickest hustling opponents and kill them!

Become a vehicle executioner with the most noteworthy capability! Pick between various weapons and hardware ranging from rocket launchers, attack rifles, shotguns, expert sharpshooter rifles, and automatic weapons.

7. Blazing Sniper – offline shooting game

Take your gear to ensure your country is safe. Shield the general population from assault and rhino-virus infection on blazing Sniper.

Image result for Blazing Sniper - offline shooting game

Game highlights:-

  • More than 50 shooter errands and unlimited modes. (Furthermore, you can pick simple or bad-to-the-bone)
  • Endeavor to oppose more zombies.
  • All weapons drop free. (the game even incorporate superweapon)
  • Simple to control and play.
  • No such thing as game ads; only for entertainment only.

8. Sniper Fury: Top shooting game – FPS gun games

It’s now or never! Take action and strike back ferociously!

Image result for Sniper Fury: Top shooting game - FPS gun games

This is the most staggering sharpshooter game on the planet that focuses on the fierce baptism of fire. There’s no space for regret, so carry out your responsibility and aim to kill…

Sniper fury Key features:-

  • Modern & future fps firepower.
  • PVP multiplayer battlefield.
  • Easy to play, tough to master.

9. Mega Killing Squad: Offline Shooting Game

Don’t play safe! Get the best out of Mega killing Squad game with extraordinary weapon shooting diversion activity and military warfare.

Image result for Mega Killing Squad: Offline Shooting Game

As a first-class commando slaughtering squad shooter, you’ve been assigned to distinctive mega epic missions to help save the world from the enemies’ squad.

You can get enjoyable missions from the mega executing squad despite it’s a disconnected mode game. Further, Mega is a bad-to-the-bone FPS recreation that gives you a chance to finish commando battle rifleman dangerous missions.

Select your dangerous weapon carefully according to circumstance and discover. This is one of the top-notch FPS game because of its new epic and best activity missions.

10. DEAD TRIGGER – Offline Zombie Shooter

Image result for DEAD TRIGGER - Offline Zombie Shooter

Prepare for Non-Stop Action in intense Zombie shooter game.

  • Unity Awards
  • Gotten over 60 Million downloads.
  • Get ready for some extraordinary zombie killing!
  • Smash crowds of savage zombies.
  • Secure imperative supplies.
  • Go save other survivors.
  • Protect the Safe Haven.
  • Free to explore the city.
  • Uncover the stunning truth in this extreme FPS game.

There you have it – a comprehensive list of Offline Shooter Games for iOS. If you have other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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