Who doesn’t love a good old quiz? We all love to play games whether that be a classic board game, trying to win the jackpot at mega reel or participating in a pub quiz. We have compiled a list of 5 of the current best quiz apps.

These apps provide you with thousands of questions on different topics and endless hours of guaranteed fun. These quiz apps are great to play on your own and are equally as fun when played against a friend or a bunch of friends. You could even host your own pub quiz night with plenty of beer, snacks and lots of quizzes.

Best Quiz Apps 2018

With everything that has been said, below are the top trivia games you could play right now alone or even with your friends.

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QuizUp is an award-winning game and is arguably one of the most popular quiz apps at the moment. The aim of the game is to answer questions on a variety of topics and the faster you answer, the more points you will gain. With this app, you can play by yourself, compete against friends or test your knowledge with gamers around the world. The topics range from Disney, sports, general knowledge, Harry Potter, video games movies and more. There are thousands of topics to choose from, so have a look through and decide which quiz you think you’ll ace. It’s a very social app as you can play with friends and chat with other players about categories and questions.

Logos Quiz

Think you know the logo for Mcdonalds, Hello Kitty and Pringles? Find out with the Logos Quiz app. This quiz is specifically testing you on your knowledge of being able to recognize company logos. At the start of the quiz, you may be thinking it’s quite easy, however, the quiz gradually becomes harder the more you play.

DK Quiz

For those that ace general knowledge or know random facts about anything and everything, then DK quiz is for you. There are over 100 quizzes on this app ranging from a variety of topics including history, food, science, nature and culture and entertainment. You can play with friends to compete for the high score or play by yourself. Will your name appear on the leaderboard?

SongPop 2

If you love a good sing-a-long or know the lyrics to every song then you will love SongPop 2. The app will play a song and you simply have to name that tune. There are a few modes that this app has including a fun party mode which would be great for when your friends come over and a music quiz practice mode for those that need a little extra practice. You can choose the genre of music that you would like to be quizzed on, so don’t worry if you’re not into rock. There’s country music, R&B and pop as well as music from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and now. Players earn coins during the quiz which will unlock more playlists for future challenges. Remember, for some fun you can go and play new slot games at Mega Reel.

Popcorn Trivia

If you’re a movie fanatic, you need to download Popcorn Trivia. The app comes with hundreds of trivia questions from various movies and genres. For every answer you guess correctly, you will be awarded ‘popcorn’ which can be used to customize your avatar. You can choose to play solo or select the multiplayer mode to play with friends and family. Topics include horror, romance, comedy and action.

Hope you did find this list of top 5 Quiz Apps right now useful. Feel free to share your own list with us also using the comment section.


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