This is Nigeria. There is heat. There is no light. You will need a steady fan once in a while as you chill in the house when there is no power to use the regulars ones with. This is where the rechargeable fans come in. Check out our list of 7 Best Rechargeable Fans For Your Money Right Now: to purchase the right one.

1. QASA 18” Rechargeable Fan

This is a powerhouse. The height of the unit does not need restating so lets highlight other features. This fan is apt for indoor and outdoor use, and it is fully charged after 6 hours of charging. If you sleep late, that is enough to get you through the night. The fan also has a very efficient and durable battery.

It is very convenient to carry around as you look for the best spot for use. It comes with five blades to make sure the breeze you get is sufficient for you and those around you. It operates with a remote so you can tell it what to do even if you are far away. It also has an in-built night light and a USB charging for your mobile devices.

2. Lontor 16” Rechargeable Fan

Lontor as a brand is famous for perfect lamps and torch lights, but they delved into the rechargeable fans market not too long ago, and I must say, they are pretty good at it as well. This fan will function with electricity and charge itself simultaneously, making sure the experience is top-notch with electricity, and without it. The design allows for just two-speed ratings. It also has a charging indicator to prevent overcharging, and a fully-charged Lontor 16” Rechargeable Fan gives you 8 – 10 hours of use. That is bliss if you ask me.

3. OX Rechargeable Fan 18’

OX is a favorite brand when it comes to fans. These particular fans have 3-step speed control and fully support vast volumes of air. It is well set up to serve the needs an environment presents with at little energy as possible. Its design is pleasing to the eye as well, as it is designed with a silver coating.

4. Generic Rechargeable Fan 12”

If you are searching for portable units, you are covered with this rechargeable fan. It was made with a cute combination of plastic and metal, plus it also has a USB port you can use to charge your mobile phones. It is an entertainment home too.

I typed that because these fans allow you to listen to FM radio. The Generic Rechargeable Fan 12” is blessed with lamps that fill up the entire space where it is used. A fully-charged gives you 6 hours of use.

5. Universal Rechargeable Fan

(with Light) Already from its name, you know about the lamp feature. But what you don’t know is that the lamp doesn’t bring heat during operation. A fully charged Universal Rechargeable Fan gives you 8 hours of use for the breeze and 18 hours for just the light. Wow.

6. Qasa Rechargeable Fan

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Powerful and durable. It is one of the longest when it comes to height but is still quite easy to move around. The 5-blade fan is very useful for indoor and outdoor purposes. It fully charges for 5 to 6 hours and will last you more than 10 to 12 hours with very smooth operation. It has a remote control, a night light, and USB charging as well.

7. Sonitech Rechargeable Fan

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One of the best out there. What makes it unique is its extra cooling feature that provides that absolute coolness you seek no matter how extreme the weather is. Six hours charge gives you up to 8 hours full operation when the light is out.

There you have it – These are the best rechargeable fans for money right now. If you have other suggestions, please let us know in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you.


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