Rhythm games have been existing since forever. We cannot forget the era of Dance Dance Revolution. There was increased popularity with games such as Rock Band and Guitar Hero too. Right now, we have them on mobile and we have highlighted some of them in our list of 10 Best Rhythm Games For Android:

1. Arcaea

This is a recent rhythm game. It possesses an animation style like some others on this list. It makes use of an ancient step bridge like Guitar Hero instead of the fresher tap-and-swipe you get in games like Cytus II. The gameplay is seamless and simple to relate with. Gamers have access to more than ninety songs from fifty artists, 3 difficulty levels per track, and more music available as in-app purchases.

2. BeatX

This is a proper rhythm game on your Android device. It comes with a DDR-style method of play with directional buttons and holds. Gamers can enjoy the single-player mode, doubles mode, and split-screen multiplayer. It possesses various contents as well. You are also allowed to upload your personal files as long as they are in the right format. Supported formats are .sm, .smzip and .dwi.

3. Cytoid

This is a fresh rhythm game. This game possesses some songs on its own. Gamers can locate, download, and add music by other members of the Cytoid community.

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It is identical to Cytus in terms of its appearance and mechanics. Cytoid suits the hardcore rhythm game lovers so you should get it if you are one of them.

4. Dynamix

This game comes with twenty songs and you can also purchase more in the form of in-app purchases. It makes use of an animation theme with bright, neon colors everywhere. It is not amazing like Cytus but it is still decent. It can be downloaded for free and gamers are allowed to purchase additional songs via in-app purchases.

5. Lanota

This is a special rhythm game and it had to make this list. It concentrates on a storyline. Gamers will play the eponymous title character as they travel a map and find fresh secrets.

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The proper game mechanics happens on a giant wheel that will be visible. It comes with 10 levels, 3 difficulties, 16 tracks, and an image book that displays the story.

6. Lost in Harmony

This is a beautiful rhythm game with runner-style elements. Gamers control a male and a female in the center of the display. You have to stay away from obstacles to the beat of the music. It comes with 2 stories, those of MIRAI and Kaito. Plus, the creators have more than ten thousand tracks by other members of the community.

7. Lethe

This game is a self-acclaimed theatrical music game. It comes with a story and a technical rhythm style. The taps can be visible wherever on the screen with all kinds of clicking and scrolling. It possesses hand-painted graphics and it will cost you nothing to download. You can buy more content via in-app purchases. However, pls note that this app is yet to be updated for two years now.

8. OverRapid

This is a tough game. It improves its difficulty with 6 lanes which is higher than what it should ordinarily be.

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The game possesses various songs and more can be gotten via in-app purchases. The graphics here are bright and beautiful. Expect bug issues once in a while but it is not such a heavy problem.

9. Pianista

This is a proper rhythm game. Several mobile rhythm games make use of high energy electronica for their step files but this game utilizes ancient piano classics. It plays like most rhythm traditional rhythm games and it comes with several payment options. Pianista is very interesting to work with.

10. Rayark

The developer of this game has worked on some excellent rhythm games on the Play Store. Games like Cytus and Cytus II along with VOEZ, Deemo, Sdorica, and Mandora. Every game has its story with a few songs to go with them. In-app purchases can be expected for more song packs too. These games are unique and will be very much enjoyed by gamers out there.

There you have it – a comprehensive list of best rhythm games for Android. If you have other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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