We all know how children love robots. And thankfully, there are lots of amazing STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) kits and toys that can keep them busy while you do other things. Want the best options out there? see our list 5 Best Robot Gifts For Kids:

1. Lego Robotics For Kids:

Best Robot Gifts
Lego Robotics For Kids

When it comes to robotics and kids, Lego is a good place to start. If you invest in the Star Wars-themed robotics kit from them, your children will be able to keep themselves occupied while having fun. With its app, you can even program these fan favorites with several simple-to-access programming and learning tools.

2. Piper Computer Kit:

Piper Computer Kit Review | Digital Trends

Your children just have to put together their PC, and then complete with circuit connections and case assembly. After that, they can use the Raspberry Pi to learn and play.

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Its Raspberry Pi Mindcraft edition kids can also play right on this machine. It comes with a screen and a mouse too.

3. Playz My First Coding & Computer Science Kit:

Playz My First Coding & Computer Science Kit
Playz My First Coding & Computer Science Kit

Still on the best robot gifts for kids. This kit allows your kids to be geeky even if they are on a camping trip or without electricity. Therefore, if you are living through an apocalypse, and still want to teach your children to code, this is an amazing place to start.

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This kit breaks down how computer science works, from the basics of encryption to sorting algorithms. If you need your children to stay away from the screen while still learning, invest in this.

4. Levers, Linkages & Structures Building Kit:

Even adults will adore this option because it shows its owners how to make things that have mechanical properties. It is simple, if you need to make something that has a linkage, a connection, a joint, or generally moves, this kit breaks down the process for you and it is very cheap.


Best Robot Gifts For Kids

This one is quite costly but you are guaranteed a complete robotics building experience with very few restrictions here. With it, you can build all kinds of amazing programmable machines.

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It can even be used for prototyping ideas before fabricating a more robust unit out of wood, metal, or plastic. Your kid has to be interested for him or her to get the best out of this though.

There you have it – a comprehensive list of 7 of the best robot gifts for kids. If you have any personal favorite or other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

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