Game of Thrones is wrapping up, and the famous characters in it evolved before our very eyes since 2011 till now. Daenerys is now one to fear, Jon Snow is now a young man who cheated death and is also heir to the Iron Throne and Arya is now having sex. However, we think the character that has experienced the most personal growth is Sansa Stark. Formerly a gentle admirer of kings, the Lady of Winterfell is now going head-to-head with Jaime Lannister and even Daenerys Targaryen, who has two fire-breathing dragons at her command. Without wasting your time, check out our list of 10 Best Sansa Stark Quotes In Game Of Thrones:

1. I Don’t Want Someone Brave And Gentle And Strong, I Want [Joffery.]”

best Sansa Stark Quotes

Definitely, this is not one of Sansa Stark’s finest moments, but it surely reminded fans of her humble beginnings in the first season of the show. Without times like this, Sansa’s present political wits and inner-strength will not be one to relate with. And, Arya and Ned exchanging a coy smile as they reacted to this quote by Sansa was hilarious to see and very memorable.

2. “Joffery Will [Come Back.] The Worst Ones Always Do.”

Prior to the Battle of Blackwater in the second season, Shae reminded Sansa that several young men in battle never get the opportunity to return home. Sansa’s bleak response highlights the damage her torture had incurred on her, as she used to be very hopeful before that happened. Her logic cannot be disregarded though, since GOT has never failed to stop proving that the good guys do not win. Sansa was right as Joffrey revealed himself to be a coward during the battle, but narrowly maintained control of King’s Landing when Tywin Lannister stepped in with his army at a very important time.

3. “They Say My Brother Robb Always Goes Where The Fighting Is Thickest. And He’s Only A Pretender.”

best Sansa Stark Quotes

Even when she was a captive of Joffrey and the Lannisters all through the second season, Sansa Stark kept shading King Joffrey before the Battle of Blackwater. When Joffrey said to Sansa that he will only return from the battle with Stannis Baratheon’s blood on his sword, Sansa questioned him if he will be positioned to face Stannis one-v-one, since she knew the young king was a coward.

As soon as a visibly angered Joffrey ignores the question by referring to her as a “stupid girl,” Sansa made things worse by speaking about Robb Stark’s bravery in battle, and comparing it to Joffrey’s popularly-known cowardice.

4. “He’s A Monster.”

On its own, Sansa referring to Joffrey as a monster was not all that brave. He was actually a monster, in and out. But who she said this to make it a memorable moment. Disturbed by Olenna Tyrell and Joffrey’s soon-to-be wife, Margaery Tyrell, on the kind of person Joffrey is, Sansa initially decided to defend the king to save herself from his wrath, but when Margaery begs her endlessly to say the truth about her betrothed, Sansa said it as it is. Her honesty when she said those words revealed the extent of Joffrey’s wickedness. Do remember that Olenna poisoned Joffrey at the Purple Wedding, we might have Sansa to thank for that.

5. “You’re Going To Die Tomorrow, Lord Bolton. Sleep Well.”

At times, the worst ones do not return, and thankfully, Sansa was right in predicting Bolton’s end at the Battle of the Bastards. This astonishing quote by Sansa Stark even shook her crazy husband, who was notorious for feeding his young brother to a pack of hounds. Sansa’s statement preceded one of the most interesting battles in GOT and also highlighted one of Sansa Stark’s most powerful moments when she came with the Knights of the Vale to demolish the Bolton forces that were left and give Winterfell back to the original owners. The Starks.

6. “I Am Sansa Stark Of Winterfell. This Is My Home, And You Can’t Frighten Me.”

Sansa held her own against some of the most terrifying people in Westeros, including King Joffrey, Ramsay Bolton, and Littlefinger, so when Ramsay’s toy, Miranda threatens Sansa at Winterfell, Sansa put her in her place.

At the point, Sansa had seen it all. The beheading of her dad, the event that murdered her mother and brother at the Red Wedding and her personal abuse from Ramsay Bolton. She feared nothing anymore.

7. “You Think He’s Going To Fall Into Your Trap, He Won’t. He’s The One Who Lays Traps.”

Jon Snow’s failure to heed to Sansa’s advice is one of the mistakes he will always regret. If he adhered to Sansa’s warnings before the Battle of the Bastards, maybe Rickon Stark wouldn’t have died. Sansa’s wisdom as regards wicked men in power is not to be questioned, and it is a massive pity that Ned Stark’s surviving son had to lose his life before Jon Snow saw the point. Notwithstanding, Sansa’s warning about Ramsay Bolton and future intervention with the Knights of the Vale made her one of North’s most worthy defenders.

8. “Your Words Will Disappear. Your House Will Disappear. Your Name Will Disappear. All Memory Of You Will Disappear.”

The only thing more beautiful than seeing Bolton being taken apart by dogs are the words Snasa used on him just before that happened. After Winterfell was recovered by House Stark and Jon Snow was named King in the North, Sansa’s haunting statement to Ramsay must’ve felt like words from a prophet. It was a key moment for Sansa Stark’s character as she had been brutalized, raped, ridiculed by Ramsay Bolton but had the last laugh and ultimately killed him in a way that pleased both her and the viewers.

9. “I’m A Slow Learner, It’s True. But I Learn.”

Sansa Stark knows a thing or two about political strategies plus she was a valuable person to her allies, but her name was not famous for any form of cleverness. Lovers of GOT remembered when it felt like Sansa’s goal in life was only to tie the knot with a handsome prince and bear him children.

But after the disaster that destroyed her family, and when Peter Baelish accommodated her, she began to realize there is more to life than that. She revealed this smartness in season 7 when she organized a fake trial for Arya before making Littlefinger look completely stupid.

10. “Thank You For All Your Many Lessons, Lord Baelish. I Will Never Forget Them.”

best Sansa Stark Quotes

When Sansa sentenced Peter Baelish to death at Winterfell, it was clear she could no longer be deceived, as she passed the test against the lord of deception himself. Littlefinger did all he could to escape punishment, but Sansa did not bulge. The whole thing proved that without Littlefinger’s guidance, Sansa might not have been smart enough to see him for who he really was. Tyrion was indeed right when he said, “Many underestimated you. Most of them are dead now.”

There you have it – a comprehensive list of Best Sansa Stark Quotes. If your personal contributions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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