When it comes to optimizing a website, most people would always think of Search Engine Optimization firstly, but there are a whole lot of other things you can and definitely need to optimize your website for, one of which is the Social Media.

Social Media Optimiazation Tips

I guess you must have come across the saying “Social Media is the next SEO” if you have been following social media marketing blogs lately, and this statement is so correct. Due to the fact that apparently everyone is one social media network or the other, it is of best practice to optimize your blog for social media and watch the leads it brings your way.

There are a few tips  which I would be guiding you through that would help you in optimizing your website or blog for a perfect Social Media Marketing. These social media marketing and optimization strategies would are the best and must try methods for every business online.

Ways To Optimize Your Website For Social Media

1. Be Social

Before you think of optimizing your blog or website for social media, the first thing to consider is if you are even social. Yes, this would reflect on your website if you are on the contrary because you would not even find time to share your content across social networks. I’m not trying to say that you must belong to all social networks in order to optimize your websites for social media marketing, but at least you have to pick up with a few social networks such as Google Plus, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. They have proven to be the strongest social media networks that work for me. Create accounts with them and make sure tour profiles are updated.

2. Content Is King As Usual

Just like Search Engine Optimization, content is also king when it comes to Social Media Optimization. Writing quality content is a bait to attracting new visitors and traffic to your blog via the social networks you are involved in. The titles of your articles play a major role in this case if you wish to get a click through to your blog. You can read my article on how to write catchy titles.

3. Use Multimedia Content

One thing I have noticed that gets more shares and engagement on social networks is multimedia contents. Images and Videos can easily go viral and this is a good tool when it comes to optimizing your blog for Social Media Traffic. Do not underestimate the power of multimedia content on your website if you are hoping on getting traffic to from your social media optimization strategies.

4. Add Share Widget and Buttons To Your Website

For your blog post to go viral, it needs to be shared by a large number of people and that’s where your share buttons come to playing a role. Add share buttons to your blog to make easy for your visitors to share your articles on various social media networks they might have accounts with. I use the Get Social WordPress Plugin on this blog for my sidebar share buttons. You could as well add Pin buttons on all your images to help people easily Pin your images. Read how I added the Pin button to my images below.

5. Share Everything Useful

When I mean everything useful, I mean your content and those which are not yours but can be useful to your social media followers. Try to share as often as possible but do not bore them, this would build their trust for you and give you the look of an authority in your niche. Share is the word to becoming a Social Media king and you must imbibe it if your wish to enjoy the benefits of Social Media Optimization.

Conclusively, after search engines, the next place to gain huge traffic and following for your business website, blog or even get more leads in terms of sales and customers is the Social Media and optimizing your website for that is the key to leveraging the social media trend. I hope you love this article? Feel free to leave your thoughtful comments below.


  1. Great tips Oscar.I especially like the 5th tip.We have to share interesting things even if they are not from our site.The whole social media runs on this concept of sharing.People stay with such pages longer.


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